12 of Our Favorite Products for a Super Stylish (and Comfy) Sofa

12 of Our Favorite Products for a Super Stylish (and Comfy) Sofa

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World Market Zig Zag Lumbar Pillow

World Market

A good rule of thumb is use a small-to-medium sized lumbar pillow between two matching square pillows. This one is made of an exceptionally soft indoor/outdoor fabric, which means it will hold up well to heavy traffic. The black and white palette acts as a nice neutral as well to balance out brighter colors.

$29.99 (SHOP NOW)

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World Market Geometric Throw Pillow

World Market

This graphic blue and white cushion is another super-durable indoor/outdoor option. A pair of these would look great paired with a solid color lumbar pillow in a dusty rose, or mustard yellow.

$29.99 (SHOP NOW)

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Bryar Wolf Amina Pillow

Bryar Wolf

This gorgeous, slightly oversized lumbar is hand woven in Morocco out of cactus fibers. Neutral or black and white accent pillows would look great with this color-rich showstopper.

From $170 (SHOP NOW)

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Urban Outfitters Velvet Throw Pillows

Urban Outfitters

Mixing in some solid colors in with your patterned pillows will make your sofa feel more grounded and cohesive (especially if you choose one base color that is used throughout all the pillows). These super-soft cushions come in a range of 12 pretty hues to choose from.

$49 (SHOP NOW)

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Serena and Lily Jamesport Pillow Cover

Serena and Lily

If you want to change up the look of your sofa for spring without buying all new pillows, consider getting an assortment of pretty pillow covers that you can swap out with the seasons.

$98 (SHOP NOW)

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Jaipur Cosmic Down Pillow


This bold multi-colored pillow is perfect for mixing and matching on a sofa (pair with solid peach tones or a small blue and white pattern).

$137 (SHOP NOW)

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Pom Pom At Home Finn Throw


A chunky knit throw is a couch essential for cold evenings, and it adds a nice texture to your sofa. We love this one because it's both cute and machine washable!

$195 (SHOP NOW)

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Urban Outfitters Geo Tufted Tassel Throw Blanket

Urban Outfitters

A throw blanket can also be the perfect opportunity to bring in some soft color and texture to the sofa. This one has a nice lightweight feel for when it's not super cold out but you need a little extra warmth.

$69 (SHOP NOW)

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Sferra Dorsey Throw


Ok, so this guy is definitely an investment but there's nothing quite like cashmere when it comes to warmth, texture, and the feeling of pure luxury (add a glass of wine and some chocolate and we're 100% set).

$550 (SHOP NOW)

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Anthropologie Nikea Throw Blanket


This poppy throw is made of a lightweight embroidered cotton (we love the tassles!) that's perfect for summer evenings.

$98 (SHOP NOW)

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Terrain Windowpane Lambswool Throw


For a more minimalist, go with this modern Swedish-designed throw (that also happens to feel like a dream).

$141 (SHOP NOW)

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Vintage Kantha Quilt

Kanthas are handmade, one-a-kind quilted throws from India. They can be used as a lightweight blanket, but we like to drape one on the back of a sofa to add some subtle color and pattern.

$44 (SHOP NOW)