Creative Eco-Friendly Wedding-Exit Toss Ideas

Creative Eco-Friendly Wedding-Exit Toss Ideas

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Fresh Leaves

Courtesy of PandoraBlossoms

Pretty leaves make a lovely wedding-exit toss, especially when they're elegantly packaged in envelopes and placed on each seat. Choose leaves that complement your wedding aesthetic-olive leaves for an elegant outdoor celebration, or perhaps fall leaves like oak or maple for an autumnal wedding.

Fresh Eucalyptus Petals

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Dried Flowers

Courtesy of LarkspurHill

For an eco-friendly wedding toss, use pretty dried flowers. Estimate a half cup per guest if you're using cones or sachets, or one cup per guest if you're using a basket or bowl for guests to help themselves.

Dried Pansies Wedding Confetti

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Petal Pops

Courtesy of ShropshirePetals

Hand out these confetti pops that are packed with floral petals! As you exit your ceremony, guests can push the bottoms of the pops for a colorful burst of biodegradable petals.

Wedding Confetti Pops

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Courtesy of mavora

Another beautiful and fragrant idea: Give guests dried lavender buds to shower you and your new spouse as you recess up the ceremony aisle.

Lavender Wedding Toss Wands

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Fresh Herbs

Courtesy NaturaGreca

Fragrant herbs like rosemary, sage, and thyme are a wonderful eco-friendly wedding send-off idea. Many herbs have symbolic meanings, so you could choose ones that are especially apt for a wedding (for example, rosemary represents loyalty and fidelity, while mint symbolizes wisdom and virtue). Invite guests to help themselves to a tossing bar stocked with bowls of fresh herbs; there, they can scoop herbs into paper cones or little sachet pouches. Bonus: Guests can even take home any extra as a wedding favor.

Rosemary Test Tube Wedding Favors

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Flower Petal Bar

Photo by Laura Murray Photography

A wedding-exit toss idea we love: Set up a petal-tossing bar near the entrance and invite guests to fill paper cones with fresh flower petals. Chose colors in your wedding palette and you're pretty much guaranteed stunning wedding exit photos!

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Eco-Friendly Tossing Confetti

Courtesy of Weddingdazedesigns

Instead of regular paper confetti, fill kraft-paper treat bags with biodegradable confetti (it's water soluble and comes in a wide range of colors) and place bags on each ceremony chair. The same festive look, but none of the harmful features!

Biodegradable Wedding Confetti

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