14 Affordable Pieces of Art for Your Home's Gallery Wall

14 Affordable Pieces of Art for Your Home's Gallery Wall

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Minted Abstract Layers I by Kelly Nasuta


Minted is one of our absolute favorites for the vast array of prints that they carry (in literally every size, style and color). It's the quintessential one-stop-shop where you can order prints and the frames at the same time, so your pieces will arrive ready to hang.

From $21 (SHOP NOW)

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Urban Outfitters Palm Print Pot by Samantha Totty

Urban Outfitters

A graphic black and white element is always a good idea in the mix, especially when there is a lot of color happening elsewhere on the wall. Urban Outfitters always has a great assortment of inexpensive prints and photos, from dreamy beach scenes to minimalist line drawings.

From $19 (SHOP NOW)

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Anthropologie Over the Border by Shelley Hull


Leave it to Anthro to provide a selection of affordable art that perfectly marries classic and boho aesthetics. We love the beaded gilt frame on this moody landscape-mix it in with some of your more minimal modern pieces for a touch of old-world romanticism.

$178 (SHOP NOW)

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One King's Lane Diver II by William Stafford

One King's Lane

This site is a treasure trove of decor gems, with its artwork collection being one of the highlights. In addition to their group of modern photographs and figure drawings, keep a watch out for their epic vintage poster sales.

$295 (SHOP NOW)

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All Modern Dusk in the Water by Morgan J. Hartley

All Modern

It can take a while to sift through the wall art section of All Modern, but it can definitely be worth the search. The size of this printed canvas goes up to 40" x 60", making it a great option for a single-piece gallery wall (who wouldn't want to look at the waves rolling in every day?).

From $84 (SHOP NOW)

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Artfinder Leeds Print Workshop Screenprint on Paper by Richard Marsdon


Artfinder has a massive selection of well-priced prints and photos. This saturated abstract composition would pair well with a monochromatic figure drawing or graphic black and white print.

From $42 (SHOP NOW)

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Nordstrom Ocean Art Print Set by Deny Designs


This five-piece set is perfect for a graphic no-fail wall arrangement over a sofa or a bed. Nordstrom carries several styles of gallery wall sets, from botanical illustrations to watercolor patterns.

$99 (SHOP NOW)

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The Printable Studio Mid-Century Modern Art Print


One way to save money with artwork is to print it yourself. Etsy has a great assortment of print-your-own designs (you download a pdf and print it whatever size you like, whether at a local print shop or online).

$6.50 (SHOP NOW)

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Society 6 Minimal line drawing of woman's folded arms by the Colour Study

Society 6

We love the elegant lines of this simple, evocative drawing. Society 6 has a huge amount of options to choose from (and in addition to wall art, you can also get their images printed on pillows, phone cases and other fun accessories).

$19 (SHOP NOW)

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Artfully Walls Bait and Switch by Kate Castelli

Artfully Walls

This site features curated gallery walls, often selected by designers or influencers, to help with the selection process (you can even buy the whole gallery wall at once!). They offer tons of great frame options to choose from, including everything from super thin metallics to vintage-style bead-board.

From $35 (SHOP NOW)

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20 x 200 Sargassum Bacciferum by Anna Atkins


You can find everything from cyanotype nature prints like this one to poppy abstract pieces in this extensive collection of artwork, sourced from a range of emerging artists with varied styles.

From $24 (SHOP NOW)

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Limited by Saatchi Art How to Break Free by Elizabeth Lennie

Saatchi Art

Saatchi Art is an amazing (but oftentimes pricey) resource for some of the best artwork out there. We're so excited about their new Limited site, which offers limited edition prints by some of their top artists for a fraction of the price of the originals.

$155 (SHOP NOW)

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Eventide Collective Rolling Dawn by Jamie Street

Eventide Collective

For photo-lovers, Eventide Collective offers up a curated collection of moody, evocative images by a group of talented photographers.

From $50 (SHOP NOW)

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Tappan Collective Heparin by Marleigh Culver

Tappan Collective

Tappan Collective features emerging artists with a mix of highly curated original and reproduction pieces (we love the overall dreamy vibe and color palette of the artwork).

From $140 (SHOP NOW)