Bride Photoshops Rude Bridesmaid Out of Wedding Photos

Bride Photoshops Rude Bridesmaid Out of Wedding Photos

Deciding who will be a part of your bridal party can be one of the toughest decisions for any bride-to-be. There's always the question of how many bridesmaids one should have and if certain friends will be offended if they aren't asked to be a part of the bride squad. But one bride was so upset with her bridal party decisions that she went so far as Photoshopping a bridesmaid out of her wedding photos.

It all started when the bride felt pressured to choose the bridesmaid in question, she explained in a Facebook post according to Yahoo. From the start, it was obvious that the bridesmaid had no desire to to be involved in wedding activities. She skipped the bridal shower and refused to join the bridal group chat. “I assumed it was because we are so different, and so she felt like she would be excluded and while trying to make her feel included, I respected that she seemed disinterested,” the bride wrote.

However, when it came time for the big day, the bridesmaid's careless attitude seemed to worsen. Instead of getting ready with the bridal party before the ceremony, she opted to arrive right as it was time to walk down the aisle. She also allegedly "made eyes" at the bride's new husband and even left the reception without saying goodbye.

In an effort to mend the rift that had formed between the two, the bride decided to text the bridesmaid asking if she had done anything to hurt her. “Her response was to write me paragraphs about how awful I am, how I refused to include her in any bridesmaids duties and how I ghosted her,” said the bride. Apparently, the bridesmaid continued to insult the bride and claimed the only way they could mend their relationship was to forget the wedding ever happened.

Well, be careful what you wish for. The bride took the rude bridesmaid's request literally, erasing her from the wedding photos. That's right, this bride Photoshopped the bridesmaid out of every single photograph from the day. “Just because someone caused a stink at your wedding doesn't mean that you have to look at them whenever you look back on your pictures,” the bride penned per Yahoo.

Fellow Facebook users were quick to support the bride, even sharing their own bridesmaid horror stories. One user even wrote, “2 out of 4 of my bridesmaids are dead to me now."

If a photograph is worth a thousand words, at least this bride's new and improved wedding photos won't be tainted with bad memories.

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