7 Tasty Pre-Ceremony Drink and Snack Ideas

7 Tasty Pre-Ceremony Drink and Snack Ideas

Wedding ceremonies typically last anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour or longer. And, let's face it, your guests might get a little hungry or thirsty in that amount of time, especially if they've traveled a long way to reach your wedding venue. Which is why it's a very thoughtful idea to serve a cold drink and perhaps even a snack to guests once they arrive at the ceremony.

Chilled water is always appreciated, but if you have a little more cushion in your catering budget, you might consider serving glasses of celebratory champagne or sparking wine. There should also be a non-alcohol option available-perhaps lemonade, iced tea, or flavored water. And if your think your guests might be peckish, supplement the drinks with a light snack-something like popcorn or pretzels will do the trick. We've rounded up some of our favorite pre-ceremony snack ideas below.

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Jose Villa

The ceremony program was printed on a kraft lunch bags and filled with popcorn for the "petal toss" at the end of the ceremony (and during-the-ceremony snacking!).

Welcome Beverage Bar

Katie Stoops

Guests were greeted at the ceremony with a beverage bar featuring beer, ros–ď©, rosemary lemonade, and water before finding their seats.

Lemonade and Agua Fresca

B Wright Photo

Especially on a warm day, it's a good idea to serve guests chilled drinks as they arrive to the ceremony. You could set up a self-serve drink station with large jugs filled with lemonade and agua fresca (this one was melon flavored!).

Trail Mix

Evynn Levalley

Once they arrived at the ceremony, guests could help themselves to paper cones filled with trail mix, which they could snack as they waited for the ceremony begin. The paper cones were made by the bride from vintage cookbooks; the trail mix included dark-chocolate chunks, salty pretzel twists, diced dried apricot, roasted almonds, dried tart cherries, chocolate covered raisins, yogurt chips, toasted coconut flakes and salted pistachios. YUM!

Popcorn & Drinks

Abby Jiu Photography/ Marcie Lynn Photography

This couple loves going to the movies, so they handed out different types of popcorn, along with a specialty cocktail, as a pre-ceremony snack.

Glasses of Champagne

Close to Love Photography

Kick off the wedding on a celebratory note by offering guests a glass of champagne as they arrive at the ceremony. You could have servers at the ready with trays of champagne-filled glasses, or have a shelf lined with filled champagne flutes so guests can help themselves.

Salty Snacks

Patricia Lyons

Before guests arrived at the ceremony, pre-ceremony snacks like Old Bay-seasoned potato chips, spiced nuts, and dilled oyster crackers were set out on a table with paper bags and scoops so guests could help themselves.