4 Wedding Details You Will Actually Regret Skimping On

4 Wedding Details You Will Actually Regret Skimping On

It's all too easy for your wedding dreams and visions to put serious dents in your budget. Both little wedding details and larger expenses add up, fast. As you approach your maximum spend, it's natural to begin to second-guess your expenses and look to trim costs. While keeping your budget in check is obviously a necessary evil, you just might regret skimping on these wedding details.

Your Reception
Nearly everyone will warn you that your wedding day will go by in the blink of an eye. If your budget is getting tight, it may seem tempting to shorten the time of your reception, but we urge you not to. Cutting in to your special day might look good on paper, but will certainly sting the day of. If anything, brides wish their weddings lasted longer. Find other ways to trim your budget without trimming your reception time. Consider finding an after-party venue that is free of charge but can accommodate your guests with a cash bar, or ask your venue other ways you can cut back on costs with ample time to celebrate.

Your Photographer
Pictures are worth a thousand words, and when it comes to wedding planning, thousands of dollars, too. While it may seem extremely expensive, once your wedding is over and you've danced your last dance, your memories and photographs what's left. As tempting as it may be to give a friend with a "good eye" photography duty, it's really best to put your memories in the hands of a trusted professional.

A Videographer
For some couples, a videographer is a must. For others, they just don't see the need. If you always had your heart set on wedding video, you should go on your gut, if there is a way to afford it. If needed, work with your videographer to determine coverage. Perhaps you only want your ceremony and first dances, or ceremony only. Whatever it is, if you really want it, try to find a way to happen. If you don't see the need, it can open up a big chunk of your budget.

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Your Glam Squad
Everyone soon-to-be Mrs. wants to feel beautiful on her wedding day. For some brides, that can absolutely mean glamming up their own hair and makeup for the bridal look. For those who are bit eyeliner challenged, however, it's a time to leave it to makeup artists and professional hairstylists. Only you know how you'll feel if you opt to be your own fairy glam-mother. If you think there is even a slight chance you may not be able to achieve your desired look, don't do it yourself. Opt for a mimosa-fueled relaxing morning as the pros go to town. You won't regret hiring talented artists for your big-day beauty - but you may regret not hiring them.