Sir Elton John Performed at the Royal Wedding Luncheon Reception

Sir Elton John Performed at the Royal Wedding Luncheon Reception

Thought your wedding reception was memorable? Think again. The royal wedding reception just had maybe the most iconic performance ever-Sir Elton John performed for the royal newlyweds and their 600 guests at the Lunchtime Reception at St. George's Hall's Waterloo Chamber on the Windsor Castle grounds. If we didn't have FOMO before, we do now!

A press release from Kensington Palace revealed that the British singer, pianist and composer performed for the wedding guests of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Apparently, the Prince personally asked the superstar to perform at their reception, which was hosted by Queen Elizabeth II.

The singer has a close connection with Prince Harry and the royal family, so Sir Elton was a shoo-in as the royal performer. Back in the 1970s, the eight-time Grammy award winner regularly performed at Prince Charles' Trust annual concert. He later performed at Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew's wedding in 1986. The "Rocket Man" vocalist was also friends with Princess Diana, who he first met when he performed at Prince Andrew's 21st birthday party. He later performed at Diana's funeral in 1997, when he sang "Candle In The Wind."

The palace has yet to reveal which ballads the singer chose for the newlyweds, but reports say that his performance included "Your Song." Swoon…

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Following the luncheon, the palace will host an evening reception-but only 200 of the couple's guests will attend the private reception at the Frogmore House and will be hosted by Prince Charles, so it's pretty likely we won't see the rockstar at the second party.