8 Crazy Wedding Themes You Have to Read to Believe

8 Crazy Wedding Themes You Have to Read to Believe

For some couples, daring to be different means swapping out a classic wedding cake for a modern day dessert bar. Others, however, definitely aren't afraid to think outside of the box. We're talking way, way outside of the box! We asked a handful of wedding guests and planners to dish the deets on the most unconventional wedding themes they've ever seen. From dinosaurs to Dungeons & Dragons, we've officially heard it all now.

A Human Skulls Wedding

"I planned a wedding for this eccentric couple who both share a passion for collecting human skulls, bones and other human artifacts. Let's just say I was able to tastefully place some touches of human DNA throughout their special day." - Michael

A Talladega Nights Wedding

"When I was younger I was the flower girl in my parent's friends' NASCAR-themed wedding. The bride and groom were both really into racing and had me throw hot wheels out as I walked down the aisle instead of flowers. The bride nearly tripped on one of the cars!" - Dawn

A Preppy Lily Pulitzer Wedding

"When I worked in catering we had a Lily Pulitzer-themed wedding and literally everything you could imagine was pink and green. The getaway car was even a Lily-wrapped Jeep!" - Francesca

A Dinosaur-Inspired Wedding

"I'm not really sure what the overall theme was supposed to be, but at one wedding I attended the couple had a camouflage cake and plastic dinosaurs scattered all over the tables. The ring bearer was even dressed as a puppeteer and had a big dinosaur puppet. Needless to say, it was very strange. A fun time though." - Ellie

A Strict Farm to Table Wedding

"I recently worked on a farm to table wedding that was completely out in the middle of a field. There were no floral decorations, only farm fresh fruits, garlic, vegetables and herbs. The guests had to bring their own dinner plate, wash it after they ate and have the bride and groom sign it before they left as a momento." - Paula

A Dungeons & Dragons-Themed Wedding

"While the couple wore traditional wedding attire, their dГ©cor was full on Dungeon & Dragons, including personal crests on 13-feet tall banners set all around the ceremony site. When guests moved into the reception they were greeted with a seating chart right off the board game and then had to locate their table, which may have easily been the three-headed monster! And, of course, there was a dragon wrapped around the wedding cake." - Courtney

A Very Medieval Wedding

"The whole wedding, from the ceremony to the reception (including the food and festivities), was based on the medieval time period. All the guests were encouraged to dress in medieval garb and it actually worked because everyone was so into it and had a lot of fun. At the ceremony, there were logs and wood for the guests to sit on and at the reception there were court jesters and magicians. Naturally, the food was from the medieval time period. It was interesting, to say the least." - Shafonne

An Outer Space-Themed Wedding

"The craziest request I had was from a couple who wanted an outer space-themed wedding, which terrified the mother of the bride. The bride really liked a cake that resembled a science fair project with revolving planets and the couple loved Star Trek. To satisfy everyone's wishes, I created a very classy outer space reception with black pipe and drape, then hired a lighting company to project flying lasers and meteor showers on the ceiling. Instead of a chandelier, I rented a large Air Star and had a custom cover put on it to turn it into a planet over the dance floor. The science fair cake got interpreted into a custom painted three-tiered cake of Van Gogh's Starry Night. Needless to say, the parents were grateful and relieved I interpreted the crazy ideas into something wonderful." - Lynn