6 Ways to Use Fresh Fruits as Place Cards

6 Ways to Use Fresh Fruits as Place Cards

Skip the tented place cards and keep things fresh and simple by using a piece of fruit as your place cards. Pretty much any fruit will work, so think about what will be in season during the time of your nuptials and then display them at each guest's place setting. Pretty sweet, right? Here are some of our favorite fresh-fruit place-card ideas.

Lemons (above): Fresh lemons, with names calligraphed in your best penmanship, are an easy and affordable place-card idea.

Photo: Lisa Berry Photography

Apples: If you're hosting a fall wedding, crisp apples are a perfect ode to the season. Have a calligrapher write each guest's name on a banner-shaped tag before inserting it into the apple.

Photo: Ruth Eileen Photography

Peaches: To turn a fresh peach into a place-card holder, simpy cut a small slit into the top of each peach and insert the card.

Photo: Tiny Water Photography

Basket of Strawberries: A small basket of fresh strawberries also doubles as a wedding favor.

Photo: Melanie Gabrielle

Pomegranates: The pomegranate's hard outer shell is the perfect surface for hand-lettering; just use your favorite gold marker to calligraph each guest's name.

Photo: Sonya Ryuel

Pears: Stake a tiny hand-lettered flag in a ripe pear to display at every place setting.