Slice, Slice, Baby: Wedding Registry Must-Haves for Pizza Lovers

Slice, Slice, Baby: Wedding Registry Must-Haves for Pizza Lovers

Who didn't jump for joy when the (false) rumor started that pizza was a vegetable? We sure did. Whether you look forward to your occasional pizza indulgence or find it rare to go a few days without a slice, we've rounded up our favorite wedding registry items for those who can't get enough of the cheesy, saucy delicacy. Mangia!

A Quality Stone

Courtesy of William's Sonoma

Ever try to reheat or bake your own pizza with a traditional aluminum pan? If so, you probably didn't achieve that crispy yet doughy crust that we all know and love. To achieve that at home, you're going to need a good pizza stone. By using the right ceramic stone, you'll be able to bake up a perfectly crusty pizza in no time. William Sonoma's pizza stone not only holds heat well, it also pulls moisture from the inside out, allowing the dough to become crusty on the edges and perfect in the middle. (Pizza stone, $49.95, Williams Sonoma)

Serving Tools

Courtesy of Macy's

There's a reason pizzerias use special cutters to get perfect, even slices: Knives just don't cut it. You can find affordable pizza cutters at most major retailers, with one of our favorites being OXO's pizza wheel, available at Macy's, which is stainless steel and features a comfort-grip handle while being dishwasher safe. (Score!) (Pizza wheel, $19.99, OXO; available at Macy's)

Courtesy of Sagaform

Too complicated? Another option is pizza scissors. (Yes, they're a real thing.) These even come with a slice holder for multipurpose use. (Pizza scissors, $26.50, Sagaform; available on Amazon)

Courtesy of Bed Bath and Beyond

As for serving up the slices, embrace the occasion and use the fun and colorful Final Touch seven-piece pizza plate and serving spatula set at Bed Bath & Beyond. These are perfectly sized and shaped for individual slices and come in fun colors. (Seven-piece pizza plate and serving spatula set, $24.99, Final Touch; available at Bed Bath & Beyond)

Pizza Gift Cards

Kelly Kollar Photography

Nowadays, you can register for pretty much anything. So if you're more of a takeout person than a chef, there are plenty of famous pizza places that offer gift cards and domestic shipping. For incredible Chicago deep-dish, check out Lou Malnati's Ship a Pizza feature. You can easily order your favorite pizza and toppings to bake up at home, and it's (almost) as good as being there in person. Or, local delivery services such as Postmates offer gift cards too.

Novelty Items

Proclaim your love of pizza to the world with some fun pizza novelty items. Pizza pool floats, clocks, throws, and even oversize beach towels are available for the cuisine's die-hard fans. (Bonus points if you eat pizza while lounging on them.) (Pizza beach blanket, $25, Amazon)

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Pizza Cooker

Courtesy of Amazon

There's more than one way to cook a pizza, so move over, oven. Countertop pizza cookers will give ovens and toasters a run for their money. The Presto Pizzazz Pizza Cooker fits 7-to-12-inch fresh or frozen pizzas and rotates them as they cook within minutes. Using Roto-bake technology, this gadget enables you to choose the level of crispy or chewiness and will also cook frozen appetizers and more! (Pizzazz pizza maker, $46.70, Presto; available on Amazon)