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Bridesmaid Dress Shopping? 5 Things To Bring With You

Bridesmaid Dress Shopping? 5 Things To Bring With You

You'll be a feeling of mix of nerves and excitement when you walk into the dress store - alongside the bride and the bridal party - on the day when you girls get together to go bridesmaid dress shopping. While you want to wear a dress that is in line with your style, and also something the bride is happy with, it's important to come to the process prepared and ready. Don't show up empty-handed! Instead, bring these five things with you when you go bridesmaid dress shopping.

1. A Couple of Bra Options

You'll be trying on a variety of different style bridesmaid dresses. To make sure you're prepared for the variety of dresses, bring two of your favorite bras with you - one with straps and one without them.

2. Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

Even if you don't know what shoes you want to wear to walk down the aisle in on the wedding day, bring a pair of heels with you. That way, you can get a better idea of how the dress will look when it's not hanging on the ground.

3. A Bag of Accessories

At first, when you see the bridesmaid dress the bride picked out, you may be disappointed or it may not feel like it's your style. If you bring some of your go-to dress up accessories with you, you can throw them on and see how the dress will look when you give it your personal flair.

4. A Positive Attitude

Trying on dresses can be stressful and a little bit hectic. It's best to walk into the process with an open mind, supporting the bride when she shows you options, and speaking up when something doesn't feel like it looks or feels right on you.

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5. Any and All Undergarments

If you feel confident wearing Spanx or other undergarments to hold you in underneath dresses, feel free to bring those with you. Bring whatever is going to make the dress shopping experience fun and stress-free.

Jen Glantz is a "Professional Bridesmaid" and the founder of Bridesmaid for Hire. She's the author of All My Friends Are Engaged and frequently wears old bridesmaid dresses to the grocery store and on first dates.