My Boyfriend Wants My Input on the Engagement Ring, But I Want to Be Surprised. What Should We Do?

My Boyfriend Wants My Input on the Engagement Ring, But I Want to Be Surprised. What Should We Do?

*The moment he pops the question is one of the most exciting times for a young couple. But let's be honest, most women aren't exactly surprised by the proposal. In fact, many have already preselected an engagement ring. Our experts weigh in on how to balance his need to choose a ring that immediately makes your face light up with your wish for a little spontaneity. *

Choosing an engagement ring is one of those sweat-inducing moments that makes men perspire at just the thought. Needless to say, the subsequent image of kneeling down in front of a woman and asking for her hand in marriage with said ring, praying she not only says yes but squeals in delight at how much she adores the sparkler, is enough to make any man short of breath. These days, it's not surprising if your boyfriend asks for your input in choosing an engagement ring, but we understand those who want to maintain a bit of mystery around this jewelry. It is supposed to be a gift, after all, and there's something incredibly romantic in seeing the ring for the first time and knowing your hubby-to-be stressed over finding the perfect cut, color, carat and clarity.

You've probably already discussed getting engaged, so essentially, the jig is up. That means it's OK to have a conversation about the engagement ring. If you would truly be happy with any ring he picks - and we're talking any ring - then express that and put it to bed. But you need to keep in mind that he wants to make you happy, and going into this situation blindfolded is about as nerve-wracking as it gets for a guy, so give him a break and consider sharing your short list of likes and dislikes.

Cozy up with a laptop and do some online browsing, or head to an area of town where you can pop in and out of a few jewelry stores (armed with a one-line answer that you're only out for preliminary investigative browsing) and make an excursion out of the day. Plus, seeing a variety of styles and price points gives your boyfriend an opportunity to consider a budget and manage your expectations. While the final ring - as well as time, place, and execution of the proposal - can still be a surprise, spare your boyfriend the distress of making such a major decision on his own and give him a soft nudge in the right direction.