The 5 Best Podcasts for Brides-to-Be

The 5 Best Podcasts for Brides-to-Be

In between work, your social life, and actually planning your wedding, you might find yourself hard-pressed to find the time to read any wedding-planning or advice books. Thankfully, podcasts have you covered. Whether you're looking for ideas, advice, or entertaining anecdotes, pop in your earbuds and enjoy some of our favorite podcasts that are perfect for a bride-to-be.


Aleisha of Bridechilla, a comedian and television presenter, started this hit podcast in 2014 with the goal of helping couples “plan their wedding day without losing their marbles.” Easier said than done, we know. With over 200 episodes on the books, this podcast covers all aspects of the wedding-planning process: details, conflicts, decision making, traditions, and more. With easily accessible episodes featured right on the website, you can select those that most directly apply to you as you venture to become your own “bridechilla.”

The Big Wedding Planning Podcast

Defining itself as “not your traditional wedding blog,” hosts Christy Matthews and Michelle Martinez (both experienced wedding consultants) share their own expertise and anecdotes from real weddings in the hope of helping you to plan your own. With recent topics about “serial bridesmaids,” wedding fatigue, toast writing, and officiants, they cover all the bases with detail in a fresh, fun way.

Where Should We Begin?

Renowned therapist Esther Perel is an expert on relationships and sexuality, with an incredible story and background. Featuring excerpts from unscripted sessions with real couples, Perel created Where Should We Begin?, a podcast where listeners can learn (and love) along as they find ways to translate the lessons and advice into their own relationships and lives.

Put a Ring on It

With 31 current episodes to choose from, the podcast Put a Ring On It is brought to you by wedding experts Daniel Moyer (of Daniel Moyer Photography) and Danielle Pasternak (of DPNAK Weddings). Promising to be an “anti-boring wedding planning podcast,” recent episodes have covered how to stock your reception bar, long-term vs. short-term engagements, and destination weddings, all with expert input and advice.

From Ring to Veil

With a tagline of “A podcast that takes the stress out and puts the fun back into wedding planning,” this series had us at hello! Also a blog, this podcast is hosted by Shannon Palmer and Kim Mills, both of whom boast experience in both the podcast and wedding worlds. With over 130 episodes tacking topics like writing your own vows, elopements, wedding lighting, and more, they also feature Q&A sessions where they answer tough topics sent in by real brides-to-be.