Everything You Need to Know About Ed Sheeran's New FiancГ©e

Everything You Need to Know About Ed Sheeran's New FiancГ©e

Ed Sheeran is officially engaged, and we couldn't be "Happier."

The Grammy-award winning singer revealed on Instagram over the weekend that he got engaged to his girlfriend, Cherry Seaborn, just before the New Year. So, who exactly is Sheeran's lucky leading lady?

For starters, the British duo went to the same high school in Suffolk, but remained just friends despite Sheeran's reported crush on his current fiancГ©e. While Sheeran was gifted with the voice of an angel, Seaborn excelled in athletics, specifically field hockey. She spent three years at Durham University in the United Kingdom, where she received her science degree and helped the school's hockey team land British University championship victories in 2012 and 2013. The brunette beauty then graduated in 2013 and ventured across the pond to Durham, North Carolina, where she attended Duke University to pursue the Master of Management Studies program and further her hockey career. Before going to Duke, she had only been to the United States once.

"Ever since I was in high school I've always wanted to… study in the United States," Seaborn told Duke's The Chronicle. "I looked into different schools that were good academically and also at hockey, and Duke was one that really jumped out at me."

Sheeran and Seaborn eventually crossed paths again in the summer of 2015, during which the "Shape of You" singer had been exiling himself and struggling with his celebrity status. "I stayed inside for four months. I just ordered food in and watched movies. I couldn't go out and get a pint of milk," Sheeran confessed to The Sun. "I just stopped going out-instead I was ordering takeaways and putting on a lot of weight. I hadn't got any balance so I just stayed inside," he explained.

As luck (and fate) would have it, Sheeran traveled to the U.S. on his tour and reached out to Seaborn, who was working on Wall Street in New York at the time. They started dating July 4th, and their first date was of legendary proportions-the duo attended Taylor Swift's notorious Fourth of July party in Rhode Island, Sheeran told People. What a way to kick off a relationship!

For a brief stint, the pair underwent a long distance relationship, which maybe inspired Sheeran's hit song "Photograph." However, the couple probably had enough of hearing each other whisper through the phone "wait for me to come home," and Seaborn moved back to the U.K. in 2016 to be with her sweetheart. Her company, accounting firm Deloitte, let her transfer from New York to the London office, and the rest is history.

Seaborn's move prompted Sheeran to take a year off from music and social media (much to the disdain of his fan base), which gave the couple time to strengthen their relationship. "We were basically like, 'Let's both quit our jobs and let's have a year of forming a tight bond and a relationship.' So we went traveling and spent every day for a year together," Sheeran told Zane Lowe of Beat's 1 during an interview. Over a year later, Sheeran is back and better than ever, with a chart-topping album and a new fiancée. (Maybe we should all take a year off and travel… )

As if the newly betrothed couple couldn't be any cuter, one of Sheeran's most popular love songs, "Perfect," is written about Seaborn.

Sheeran and Seaborn kept their relationship largely under wraps, but the love song extraordinaire did previously hint that their engagement might be on the horizon.

"I'm really secure now, we live together and we have cats, and I think when you have cats that's kind of it," he told BBC Radio 2 last February. He also dished to an Australian radio show, KIIS FM's Kyle and Jackie O Show, on future marriage plans. When asked if he would marry Seaborn, he said, "Yeah, I feel pretty good about it." He also credited his muse with taking care of him after he suffered from a biking accident last year.

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As for kids, the 26-year-old musician doesn't want to mess around. "I'm ready, I'm ready, let's go, let's go-tour bus babies, little fat, chubby babies that just walk around," he also confessed during his interview with Zane Lowe. With their combined musical and athletic skills, along with Sheeran's luck of the Irish, the couple's future children will be incredibly genetically blessed.

Congrats to Ed Sheeran and Cherry Seaborn, and, we're just Thinking Out Loud here, but we're hoping they choose "Kiss Me" as their first dance song.