Watch A-Rod Tell the Adorable Story of How He and J. Lo Met

Watch A-Rod Tell the Adorable Story of How He and J. Lo Met

It's hard to remember a time before Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez were coupled off, but in fact the pair has only been together for a year. And the craziest part? They'd never even met until just before they started dating.

Rodriguez recently sat down with Ellen DeGeneres and chatted about his relationship-after DeGeneres first scrolled through a series of shirtless photos of the athlete-and recounted the story of how he and J. Lo first met. "I'd describe it as the luckiest day of my life," the baseball player began, appropriately eliciting an "awww" from the audience.

Rodriguez's story begins with lunch with two colleagues, followed by misplacing his car. (Relatable.) "For 10 or 12 minutes, I'm sitting there and I'm kind of getting upset now," he remembers. "Anyway, someone taps me on the shoulder, and I do not recognize her." It was Lopez, but she was in costume as Harley, the detective she portrays on Shades of Blue. "She's in her jeans and her big boots and she's like, 'It's Jennifer. It's Jennifer,' I go, 'Oh my god Jennifer, you look beautiful!'"

"I was so embarrassed, and then I got a little nervous, and I'm like, this is so goofy! We all know who Jennifer is-she's everywhere," he said. After his flub, the two got to chatting. At the end of the conversation, she reminded him that he had her number, and mentioned he should reach out.

"And I went home that night and I reached out," Rodriguez shared, eliciting, yet again, a well-deserved "awww" from the audience.

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As adorable as this story is, DeGeneres called it out for being completely different than the version J. Lo previously told her. "She says you went up to her, and approached her at a table and started talking," DeGeneres said, before asking Rodriguez to FaceTime his gf to clear up the circumstances.

However they met, it's clear that A-Rod is really happy they did.