DJ Khaled Volunteered to Perform with Justin Bieber at His Wedding to Hailey Baldwin

DJ Khaled Volunteered to Perform with Justin Bieber at His Wedding to Hailey Baldwin

Keeping in line with their whirlwind romance, betrothed duo Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin have been cranking out wedding planning like nobody's business. Baldwin has already nailed down her bridal party, and the pair is reportedly leaning toward Canada for their I dos. Now, just three weeks after confirming their engagement, they may already have a reception performer at the ready-none other than DJ Khaled.

Biebs and DJ Khaled just released their latest musical collaboration, "No Brainer," with Chance the Rapper and Quavo on June 24. Khaled sat down with Entertainment Tonight to dish on the new single, going so far as to request a live co-performance at Bieber's upcoming wedding.

"You know, that would be a 'No Brainer,'" Khaled joked. "So, yo Bieber, let's make it happen! Let's perform 'No Brainer' at your wedding, with you performing in it, you know what I'm saying? That'd be crazy, right?" Major key alert.

The 42-year-old producer also gave the lovebirds his blessing. "I'm so happy for him, because I know what love does, you know?" said Khaled. "It makes you not only feel good, it makes you just great. Love from any direction; love from your mother, love from your queen, love from your children, love from your fans. Love is just a beautiful thing."

He also added, "For Justin to find somebody he loves, and wants to marry, that's incredible, that's beautiful, God bless you. I can't wait for the wedding, I'm sure it's going to be incredible." We can hardly wait, either.

DJ Khaled isn't the only celeb to offer his talents for Bieber and Baldwin's nuptials-Post Malone, a close pal of Bieber's, also offered to perform (for free, mind you) at the duo's nuptials. Or, if that spot's taken, he said he would even settle for flower boy or ring bearer (oy vey).

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At this rate, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin's wedding has the potential to be quite the star-studded event, Post Malone and DJ Khaled and all. We can only imagine who else will step forward next, and whether the couple will take these celebs up on their generous offers.