Should I Buy a Gift for the Hostess of My Bridal Shower?

Should I Buy a Gift for the Hostess of My Bridal Shower?

A bridal shower is one of the wedding-related events that a bride doesn't have to plan-so you can just go as the guest of honor and enjoy yourself! Whether it's hosted by a bridesmaid, your mom, or an aunt, it's a sweet way to honor your short time as a bride-to-be. Since someone else did the hard work of putting the party together, should you get them a gift as a thank you? Our experts weigh in.

While giving a gift to the hostess of your bridal shower isn't required, it's a nice way to acknowledge and thank them for hosting a celebration in your honor. From the guest list to activities and favors, a lot goes into putting a bridal shower together!

If you decide to get a gift for the hostess, you could go a few different ways. Consider a traditional hostess gift, such as a bottle of wine or a pretty candle, or pick something that's a little more personal to the hostess herself. Was your shower hosted by a group of people? A small token of appreciation would be incredibly welcome, from flowers to homemade baked goods. Keep the formality of the event in mind if you're thinking of getting a gift for the shower hostess. A more formal event might be inspiration to give a larger gift, while something more casual might merit a thoughtful but less expensive thank you.

And of course, even if you aren't planning to get a gift for the hostess of your bridal shower (remember, it's not required!), be sure thank her at the end of the party, and then write her a thank you note in the following days. Whether you hand-deliver it or send it in the mail, a handwritten note is always in style!

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