What Was The Cheapest On-Screen Wedding In Movie History?

What Was The Cheapest On-Screen Wedding In Movie History?

What bride-to-be doesn't love a good deal? It's far too easy to run up quite the tab when planning the wedding of your dreams, so finding the perfect dress on sale or an easy peasy DIY that you can totally tackle is like hitting the lottery. After all, planning all those big day details while on a budget is no easy task. But there's no need to be discouraged: Countless brides-to-be manage be fabulous and frugal - even the silver screen variety! Sure, we're all familiar with the big budget weddings we see in the movies. But have you ever wondered whose nupitals have earned the title as the cheapest movie wedding of all time?

It's easy to be jealous of the no-budget budget of big screen brides. Last month, we found out just how much the over-the-top nuptials of the movie world cost. When Carrie Bradshaw was planning her iconic New York City wedding to Mr. Big, her New York Public Library venue would've cost her $50,000 alone. Sure, she managed to snag her Vivienne Westwood wedding dress for free, but the average gown by the designer goes for about $24,000. Just let that sink in… And remember how Bridesmaids' Annie balked at the price tag of those couture bridesmaid dresses? She would've had to shell out $300 for the frock! Forget about what it would've cost for a surprise performance by Wilson Phillips. But what about the more low-key big screen nuptials? When it comes to the budget weddings of fictional films, apparently no one managed to do it cheaper than The Bride of Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill.

Okay, so it's a little depressing to think that the one character who managed to keep her big day budget under control didn't even make it down the aisle, but we guess that's what you get when Quentin Tarantino is the one pulling the strings. The folks over at Ebates crunched the numbers of a few famous movie weddings and it turns out that the cheapest nupitals of them all was the ceremony at the start of Kill Bill Vol. 2.

Taking place in a small desert church with only the bride, groom, and three friends in attendance, the low-key nupitals would've only cost a mere $748 - a grand total achieved by tallying the venue, officiant, and the average catering cost of $68 per guest. Unfortunately, no one got to eat that food as the entire wedding party was slaughtered by a team of assassins before the reception. It's a Quentin Tarantino movie, remember? But it's still no surprise that a character simply known as 'The Bride' would manage to pull off a wedding for under $1,000 bucks. Kudos, girl…

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