Katy Perry's Engagement Ring From Orlando Bloom Looks Just Like the One He Gave Miranda Kerr

Katy Perry's Engagement Ring From Orlando Bloom Looks Just Like the One He Gave Miranda Kerr

Orlando Bloom has us seeing double. The Lord of the Rings star is raising eyebrows with his eerily consistent taste in jewelry, as fans are pointing out that the engagement ring he gave to Katy Perry looks a lot like the one he gave to his ex-wife, model Miranda Kerr.

Last week, Bloom, 42, popped the question to Perry, 34, with a stunning flower-shaped engagement ring. "Full bloom," Perry captioned a selfie and her new fiancГ© on Instagram, showing off her flower-shaped engagement ring that features a center pink diamond. Bloom, shared the same image to his feed, writing in a caption, "Lifetimes."

But fans were quick to point out that this one-of-a-kind engagement ring wasn't so unique: Bloom gave a similar flower-shaped ring to Kerr when he proposed in 2010. While Kerr's ring had an almost identical floral shape, her ring was made up of clear diamonds and a silver band, rather than a maroon-colored center stone.

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Andrew Brown, president of WP Diamonds, told E! News that Perry's ring was worth a cool $5 million. "Katy's unbelievable engagement ring from Orlando Bloom would retail in the range of $5 million," Brown told the outlet. "What looks to be a 4-carat fancy vivid pink oval shaped diamond arranged with eight white diamonds around it to assemble a flower 'in bloom'-this ring is truly one of a kind and wildly valuable."

Regardless of the rings' similarities, the couple is excited about their impending nuptials.

"They have been very hush-hush about it but have known for a very long time they wanted to be engaged,” a source told Entertainment Tonight. "They have been preparing for this."

According to another ET source, "no one is more excited than Orlando's mother" about the engagement news.

"She has wanted them to tie the knot since the moment she first met Katy," the source says. "She literally can't stop talking about it, and telling all her friends.”

While Bloom hasn't commented on the similarities of the two rings, we will say it is interesting that Bloom should gift both women "blooming" flower baubles.