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5 Rules for Wearing False Eyelashes on Your Wedding Day

5 Rules for Wearing False Eyelashes on Your Wedding Day

You know even a single coat of mascara can make a huge difference in bringing your wedding-day makeup look from everyday to totally sexy. With false lashes, you'll get the same effect, but tenfold. In the past, false lashes meant glued-on strips that may or may not slowly peel off as the night went on. But today's versions are subtle, natural, and totally dance-proof. We asked Skyy Hadley, celebrity lash expert and owner of As U Wish spa in Hoboken, NJ, for the things to keep in mind when you decide to go with falsies for your big day.

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Preparation is key.

The number one way false lashes fall off? "Oily eyelids!" Skyy says. "If you've got oil in your skin, it will break down eyelash glue and your falsies won't hold." Keep falsies in place by prepping your lashes with a cotton ball and toner, then applying an eyelid primer like e.l.f. Eyelid Primer ($1, available at

If you're buying individual lashes, go for a three-length pack.

The easiest way to make false eyelashes look natural, Skyy says, is to apply lashes of different lengths. Buy a pack with three lengths, like Ardell Multipack Individual Lashes ($6.14; available at Amazon), then apply the shortest lashes in your inner corners, the medium lashes in the middle of your eye, and the longest lashes in your outer corners.

Don't get too close to your lash line.

Apply false lashes about an eighth of an inch from your lash line, Skyy says, to keep them from getting wet and falling off. For individual lashes, apply a pinprick-sized dot of eyelash glue, like Duo, in between your lashes, and press on each lash. You'll need five to six individual lashes (Skyy likes Y-lashes, which branch out to form a Y-shape and look extra full) to fill out each eye. For strip lashes, make sure you cover the entire strip with glue and then stretch your eyelid out like you're applying eyeliner and carefully lay the strip an eighth of an inch from your lash line.

Secure lashes in place with tweezers.

Lash glue takes two to three minutes to dry. After applying each lash or strip, take tweezers (your hands are too oily) and gently press down on each lash or section, starting with the inner corners of your eye and moving outwards. Cover strip lashes with liquid eyeliner - it dries more than pencil - to keep them in place.

Apply mascara - with caution.

Yes, you can wear mascara over falsies! The trick, Skyy says, is to swipe it on from the middle of each lash out to the ends, avoiding where the lash meets the glue (or your real lashes meet your lash line). That way, you'll keep them from shaking loose. Try an oil-free mascara (it won't break down glue), like Maybelline Great Lash ($5.59, available at