Meeting Your Future In-Laws for the First Time? Here's How to Make a Good Impression

Meeting Your Future In-Laws for the First Time? Here's How to Make a Good Impression

It's one thing to meet your future in-laws before you know you'll be calling them Mom and Dad. Because once that ring is on, the pressure is up. "Now she's committed to becoming a member of the family, so if the in-laws don't like her, she's looking at an ongoing conflict in that relationship," explains Dr. Jane Greer, a relationship expert and author of What About Me? "It's important for them to like her to promote harmony and peace moving forward."

So if you're meeting your man's mother and father after you've said, "yes," we've got the scoop on how to win their affections.

Be complimentary.

Whether you your future mother-in-law's well-decorated home or admire his father's signed baseball collection, offering up genuine compliments that show you're paying attention to the things they love will win you major points, Greer says.

Dress appropriately.

"Don't wear anything provocative," says Greer, but do dress up. While holey jeans may be in style, they don't exactly scream, "I respect our time together."

Come bearing gifts.

Your purchase doesn't need to be large or expensive. "A bottle of wine or something for the table" is totally appropriate, says Greer.

Speak up.

"Your new in-laws will appreciate your taking initiative in the conversation," Greer says, "and showing interest and asking questions demonstrates a curiosity in getting to know each of the family members."

But don't speak for others.

"If they ask your fianc–ď© a question, let him answer for himself," advises Greer. "If there are younger children there, make sure you don't take on a parental role and tell them what to do or try to moderate their behavior."