Showcase Your Engagement Ring in One of These Unique Ring Holders

Showcase Your Engagement Ring in One of These Unique Ring Holders

Your sacred gem of an engagement ring deserves a ring holder worthy of its looks. Not only should your ring box do your sparkler justice, but it should reflect your own personality, just like the ring it holds. Besides, a nontraditional way to showcase your ring (or rings, if you're including your husband's wedding band) will make those ring portraits all the more stunning. Just take a look at these beautiful designs for proof!

1. Vintage Box (above)
Glass walls, copper edging, and claw feet combine for an elegantly vintage feel.

Khaki Bedford Photography

2. Tree Stump
A slice of wood handcrafted into a stump-shaped ring holder lends a bit of rustic charm, complete with carved initials for a personalized touch.

2 Brides Photography

3. Heart Book
This DIY look is equal parts romantic and whimsical. Cut a heart into a book or journal to frame your favorite passage-the perfect background for a pair of wedding rings.

Ash Imagery

4. Wooden Square
A sleek wooden square box merges the contemporary and the earthy, a feel rounded out by multicolored pebbles serving as a bed for the rings to lie on.

When He Found Her Photography

5. Geometric Shape
A three-dimensional pyramid brings chic, modern flair with its playful, yet structured design. A hook dangling from the tip provides a focal point from which to showcase the ring.

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E. Gilbert Photography

6. Golden Snitch
Harry Potter brides delight-a golden snitch to make any ring that much more magical. Accio, snitch box!

Jose Villa Photography

7. Treasure Chest
A slender rectangular box resembles an opulent and classy treasure chest. Gilded framework and a bedding of lush olive green fabric create a luxe vibe.

Connie Whitlock Photography

8. Keepsake Box
A polished keepsake box fashioned out of wood is all about the bucolic appeal, coupled with ribbons of twine and separate sections for the Mr. and Mrs. How sweet.

Courtesy of Rebecca Arthurs

9. Oyster Shell
A gilded oyster shell sings the tune not only of the sand and the sea, but of a glam summer solstice.

Blue Rose Photography

10. Miniature Garden
A moss-lined box evokes a tiny garden for a raw, organic style.