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Everything to Consider Before Getting Hair Extensions for Your Wedding Day

Everything to Consider Before Getting Hair Extensions for Your Wedding Day

We see hair extensions all over Hollywood red carpets, and they are a fabulous option for adding volume and length. It makes sense they could be a smart bet for a wedding then-but is it the right move for you on such an important day?

You always want to make sure that you still look like yourself on your wedding day and that you are comfortable. When making the decision of whether or not to wear extensions, first decide what you will be wearing and how you will want to style your hair. “A good way to figure that out is to first determine whether you want to wear it up or down,” says Butterfly Studio Salon's senior stylist, Vanessa Fernandez.

“We get a lot of brides and bridal parties at RPZL, as most brides wear hair extensions for their big day,” says Lisa Richards, cofounder of RPZL Hair Extension and Blowout Bar in New York City.

Extensions do add volume and length to best show off your wedding veil or crown. “Clip-in extensions are the most popular for both brides and the bridal party and are a simple and effective way to get that perfect wedding-day hairstyle. It is an affordable way to add length, volume, and color. We always recommend having a trial before your wedding, offering our hair experts the opportunity to both customize and cut for the perfect blend as well as review different wedding hairstyles,” says Richards.

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Clip-in extensions do require a bit of advance work, however. “With clip-in extensions, you would have to prep them before the wedding day according to how you will wear your hair,” says Fernandez. For instance, if the look involves waves, you will have to curl the extension with the appropriate iron after spraying it with a holding spray. “They also may do better if set in pin curls, depending on your desired look,” Fernandez says.

You can remove temporary extensions immediately after the big day; alternatively, for a long-term option, you may want to consider tape extensions. “Be advised that more-permanent extensions call for care and maintenance both at home and in the salon,” says Fernandez.

That being said, extensions aren't for everyone. If your hair is too short, too thick, too fine, or too fragile, extensions may not be the right fit for your texture. “Super-curly hair will not mesh well with tape extensions such as Hotheads, which are best suited for wavy to straight textures,” says Fernandez.

The bottom line: Don't take risks or settle for less for your wedding day. It happens only once! “Consult with a professional stylist about whether or not extensions are for you-look for quality extensions and reputable service-and create a hair plan leading up to your wedding, including extension customization, meaning color matching for a naturally seamless look and custom fitting to your look or haircut,” says Fernandez.