Dan + Shay's Shay Mooney and Hannah Billingsley are Engaged! See Their Adorable Proposal Photos

Dan + Shay's Shay Mooney and Hannah Billingsley are Engaged! See Their Adorable Proposal Photos

It's official - Shay Mooney and Hannah Billingsley are getting married! The country star and former Miss Arkansas got engaged in Arkansas last week.

Billingsley, 25, winner of Miss Arkansas in 2013, received the surprise of her life on August 9 when her boyfriend, who is part of the duo Dan + Shay, got down on one knee and asked her to marry him, according to People. "I liked it… so I put a ring on it," Mooney, 24, shared on Instagram with the cutest photo of the couple embracing and beaming from ear to ear. "I'm the luckiest man in the world. Hannah, I love you."

The duo was enjoying some quality time when the "From the Ground Up" singer proposed outside of a church - a bit of foreshadowing to their big day if we do say so ourselves… Time to head to the chapel (or at least get to wedding planning)! After the proposal, both of their families were close by inside the church, ready to surprise the new bride-to-be. Major props to the groom for the flawless execution of the big question and family celebrations.

Of course, the stunned ex-beauty queen shared some proposal tidbits on social media once she stopped crying, posting a snap of the two of them walking towards the church where the proposal went down. In the photo, she wore a high ponytail and burgundy dress, rocking grey suede thigh-high boots while her hubby-to-be rocked a black suit. On the IG post she wrote, "I just wanted to thank everyone wholeheartedly for the well wishes and congratulations… It's been a special week made even more precious by the love of so many! Thank you thank you thank you!"

While many brides-to-be know that the proposal is coming in some shape or form, Billingsley seemed like she was truly surprised, tears and all. Mooney noted about the proposal, "I had so much I wanted to say to this beautiful girl when I was proposing, but I was so shaky and nervous I don't even remember what I said, or if what I said made a lick of sense," Mooney explained to the magazine. "Hannah cried. As you can see in the picture, she cried a lot!"

The couple started dating in 2014, and Mooney shared with People that he was sure that Billingsley was "The One" right from the start. "From the very first time I saw her, I knew I wanted to marry her." (Isn't this was every girl wants to hear? Swoooon.) He admits that it took a bit of prodding to get her on the hook in the beginning. "She's stunning. I finally convinced her to come to a show in Fayetteville, Arkansas." And from then on, sparks were flying - and the rest is history.

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"She's the best thing that's ever happened to me, so I had to lock it down. She's my better, and much better-looking half," he said slyly. With a doting husband-to-be like that, it's hard not to think that Billingsley is a pretty lucky gal (especially since she most likely gets nightly serenades from her crooner fiancГ©). Congrats, lovebirds - have fun with the planning! See the adorable proposal photos, below.