Do We Have to Have a Wedding Cake?

Do We Have to Have a Wedding Cake?

Wedding cakes are a time-honored tradition that many couples choose to include on their big day, alongside things like white wedding dresses and beautiful flowers. But just as some people don't look their best in true white or would rather choose different dГ©cor elements than fresh blooms, not everyone loves cake! So if that's you, can you opt to skip the wedding cake altogether? Our experts weigh in.

If you don't want to serve cake at your wedding - whether it's to keep costs down or because you don't have a sweet tooth, would rather serve up doughnuts instead or any other reason - follow your heart. It's your celebration, so there's no reason to designate a chunk of your budget toward something you don't see as a crucial part of your wedding day. The great thing is, skipping the wedding cake doesn't mean your party has to be a dessert-free zone, nor does it mean you need to also skip traditions like the cake cutting or the first bite shared as husband and wife. We've got a few ideas that will more than make up for the absent tiered confection.

Instead of serving cake, look into alternative desserts that you love. You could offer an ice cream sundae bar, a spread of cookies and brownies, or your favorite flavors of pies. Are you a fan of more savory after-dinner options, like a cheese plate? Instead of setting out cheeses during cocktail hour, either have them arranged buffet-style after dinner, or have composed cheese plates delivered to each table. Include fresh fruits and squares of chocolate to pair with the different flavors. And if you're a cheese lover who hasn't seen a cheese cake before, prepare to be amazed! A coffee or hot cocoa bar is also a welcome end-of-the-night treat.

Don't miss out on the photo opp just because you aren't serving wedding cake. Slice into a pie or share bites of your favorite cupcake, or instead swap it out for a celebratory toast, linked arms and all.

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