You Need This Wedding Planning Merch, Now!

You Need This Wedding Planning Merch, Now!

If there's one thing you definitely need when you're wedding planning, it's a perfect, organize-your-life wedding planning notebook-and the ideal bridal party gifts. You'll no doubt have a million to do lists, not to mention guest lists, and vendor lists. You also need the right place to jot down every marvelous idea that pops in your head (think of it as a dream journal for wedding planning). Lucky for you, our friends at Over The Moon have partnered with LouLou Baker, the artist behind Peep's Paper Products, to create the ultimate wedding journal, and just launched an amazing one-of-a-kind shop. If you're on the hunt for not only the perfect wedding planning notebook, but honeymoon-ready accessories, stationery ideal for all of those "Thank You" notes, and adorable gifts for your bridal party, mother-in-law, and well, for yourself (you deserve it, wedding planning is stressful), you've come to the right place.

The "Wedding Book" is the ultimate scrapbook-meets-wedding-planning notebook for the couple-you can cross gifts for your newly-engaged friends off your mega to do list. It's a super chic way for the couple to chronicle their whole love story, from where and how they met, to the proposal, and finally a place to jot down all sorts of wedding planning tasks.

And there's no more subtle, and tongue-in-cheek way to announce to the world that you're on your honeymoon. The collection of honeymoon perfect travel bags, in partnership with Paravel, couldn't get more adorable featuring a canvas weekender bag and classic stowaway in canvas with a hand-painted honey pot and moon emoji combination.

If you're looking for the perfect groomsmen or bridesmaid gifts, look no further than the personalized playing card sets (or the destination inspired version, too cool), or the envy-inducing backgammon set with custom embroidery. Speaking of personalized, you can choose one of four customizable crests and put them on anything from robes to a cosmetics bag. Yes, this is the perfect destination for your bridesmaid gifts.

Scroll through to keep shopping our favorite items. Head over to shop all things wedding at Over The Moon, and consider your to do list handled.

Wedding Journal

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Folding Backgammon Board

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