Everything to Know About Having a Junior Bridesmaid in Your Bridal Party

Everything to Know About Having a Junior Bridesmaid in Your Bridal Party

Is there an extra-special young lady in your life you'd love to make a part of your wedding day but aren't sure how or if you should? The junior-bridesmaid role is sometimes overlooked but just might be the perfect option for your wedding day. These are the four things you need to consider when making decisions about junior bridesmaids.

What Is a Junior Bridesmaid Exactly?

Typically, the role of junior bridesmaid is reserved for someone you would consider too old to be a flower girl but too young to be a bridesmaid, and who you still want to be a special part of your wedding day. While she won't assume the role of a bridesmaid in regards to planning your shower or bachelorette, or helping you with much of your wedding planning, she will still stand with you on your big day, possibly tag along for your dress-shopping experience, help out wherever she can, and share in your memories the way the rest of your bridesmaids will. (Except, maybe, the bachelorette!)

Who Can Be a Junior Bridesmaid?

Younger sisters, cousins, daughters, stepdaughters, and even children of your closest friends are often considered for the honor. If a child or young teen you are considering naming a junior bridesmaid is especially reserved or shy, you can also speak with her beforehand. If she's old enough, let her make the decision!

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What Should a Junior Bridesmaid Wear?

Your youngest 'maid can oftentimes wear the same dress as your bridesmaids, depending on the cut, silhouette, and, essentially, her (and your) preference. If she's on the younger side, you may consider a different dress in a complementing color, pattern, or style so that it is still evident she is a part of your bridal party.

What Are the Pros and Cons?

Having a younger member of your bridal party can be extra special, but it can also present some unforeseen challenges. While you wouldn't expect this teen or child to contribute financially to any of your special events, there's a gray area around what you can expect her parents to contribute. Additionally, your junior bridesmaid may feel left out at times during events that are reserved for the more mature bridesmaids, like your bachelorette. You may have to ensure your shower games and conversations are a bit more PG than they otherwise might be, and generally speaking both you and your bridal party will have to be aware that there is a younger child around at wedding-related gatherings.

On the other hand, being able to bestow this honor on someone you love will be a memorable experience for her and something she will undoubtedly hold close to her heart for years to come. Ultimately, the decision is entirely up to you, and you should never feel pressured either way when it comes to having a junior bridesmaid in your bridal party.