15 Engagement Ring Trends for 2019

15 Engagement Ring Trends for 2019

Get your secret Pinterest boards ready and tell your friends to get ready to drop a hint to your S.O. It's engagement season, which can only mean one thing: It's time for a dive into the top engagement ring trends for 2019! Whatever statement you want your engagement ring to make, it should definitely say “In Love”-with your partner and with your brand-new bauble! We've asked some of our favorite jewelry designers to spill on the designs that 2019 brides are absolutely loving. Maybe one of these styles is tucked away in a velvet box, waiting for you!

Courtesy of Stephanie Gottlieb

Colored Accents

“Our 2019 brides are incorporating color in new and interesting ways,” says Stephanie Gottlieb. The designer, who is known for her totally stackable rainbow designs, is bringing color to the engagement arena. “I created a ruby design as my 'push present' when my son was born this past summer, and brides can't get enough of it!”

Stephanie Gottlieb Band and a Half Engagement Ring in Rose Gold with Diamonds and Rubies

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Courtesy of Jade Trau

Pear-Shaped Stones

“2019 will be the year of the pear stone,” says Jade Trau. “The shape has always been one of my favorites, so I'm excited to see brides loving it, too.” She's putting her signature twist on the style, though, like this angled setting tucked into a split knife-edge band.

Jade Trau Sadie Solitaire Ring in Yellow Gold with a .60ct Pear Shape Diamond

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Courtesy of Ashley Zhang

Mixed Metals

Mixed metals are de rigueur in an everyday stack, and now that trend has made its way to engagement rings, too. “When you use a white metal like platinum for the diamond setting, it makes the stone really pop and also accentuates the yellow gold even more,” says Ashley Zhang. “It can be so subtle that people won't even notice the white metal, or it can be more of a statement choice.” This Georgian-inspired solitaire features a platinum basket on a gold band that makes the cushion-cut center stone truly shine.

Ashley Zhang Collet Engagement Ring in Platinum and Yellow Gold with a Cushion-Cut Diamond

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Courtesy of Selin Kent

Surprising Shapes

Sure, you've seen ovals and pears and shields (oh my!), but there's a new shape in town: The half moon diamond. “Our customers are really deviating from classic cuts, opting for a stone that's a different shape,” says Selin Kent. This design is inspired by the sun, and having one straight edge makes it perfect for stacking.

Selin Kent Helia PavГ© Ring in 14k Yellow Gold, with a .36ct Half Moon Diamond and PavГ©

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Courtesy of Stephanie Gottlieb

Fashion-Forward Settings

A classic solitaire on a knife-edge band will always have its place, but that's not your only option! “A unique band and setting can really make your engagement ring feel unique, current, and fashionable,” says Gottlieb. Her criss-cross setting is the perfect example, pairing a round stone and pavé details with a dramatic, twisting band.

Stephanie Gottlieb Criss Cross Engagement Ring in Rose Gold

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Courtesy of Lizzie Mandler


Sometimes you need a little extra, and there's no better time to seek it out than for your engagement ring! “I've definitely seen an uptick in interest in my three row micro pavé setting,” says Lizzie Mandler. “When done properly, it appears delicate and slim from the top, but has surprise sparkle when viewed from the side. It's really the most diamonds I could possibly put on a setting, but because of the way the pavé is set, it doesn't appear overbearing, even with a smaller center stone.”

Lizzie Mandler Three Row PavГ© Setting in 18k Rose Gold with a 1.5ct Oval Diamond

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Courtesy of Stephanie Gottlieb

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is back, and it's better than ever! “Our brides are turning to the same metal that graces their mothers' engagement rings, but elevating it to take yellow gold from the '80s squarely into 2019,” Gottlieb explains. With a split shank and hidden pavé under the center stone, this is not your mother's engagement ring!

Stephanie Gottlieb Split Shank Engagement Ring in Yellow Gold

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Courtesy of Ashley Zhang

Antique Rings

What's old is new again as more and more brides are falling for antique rings that bring a history to their new love story. “People are looking for intricate engraving, accent diamonds, and other details that take the ring beyond a simple solitaire,” says Zhang. “Each of these pieces was made by hand, so they're all one of a kind - perfect for the customer who wants something really unique!”

Ashley Zhang Old European Navette Ring, Circa 1920, in Platinum with a 1.75ct Old European Cut Diamond

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Courtesy of Erika Winters

Natural White Gold

Set your ring apart with a detail that goes beyond stone choice and shape. “Natural white gold adds a distinct quality that's warmer than platinum and stands out in a subtle way,” say Jennifer Gandia & Christina Gandia Gambale, owners of Greenwich St. Jewelers. “A rhodium plating keeps it bright and shiny, but natural white gold's color sets it apart from rich yellow or bright white metals.”

Erika Winters Caroline Engagement Ring in 18k Natural White Gold, with a 1.01ct Brilliant Diamond

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Courtesy of Rachel Boston

Double Bands

For a modern, original take on a classic solitaire, Rachel Boston is doubling down. “We've seen many more requests for double bands on bespoke engagement rings,” says Boston. The split design perfectly frames any center stone, though we particularly love it with a marquis shape. Pavé optional (but encouraged!).

Rachel Boston Bespoke Ring in Rose Gold with PavГ© Detail

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Courtesy of Lizzie Mandler

Hidden PavГ©

There's something special about timeless engagement ring designs. “Traditional, simple rings are still special, and can be more so with the addition of a small detail that's not immediately obvious,” says Mandler. “My favorite way to differentiate a simple design is with hidden pavé accents, often as a bridge beneath the setting. It's so beautiful, and something you'll only notice when you look closely.”

Lizzie Mandler Solitaire with a PavГ© Bridge in 18k Rose Gold, with a 3ct Round White Diamond

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Courtesy of Lizzie Mandler

Oval Stones

“The trend of elongated stones is not slowing down for 2019,” says Mandler. Ovals and other elongated cuts tend to look much longer than they actually are, which might be why they're so popular. “Ovals can be tricky to find, as there are many variations in cuts,” Mandler explains. “When you're shopping for an oval stone, look out for bow ties - a darker shadow that can run through the center stone.” It can be almost impossible to find an oval stone that is completely free of a bow tie, so focus on finding the smallest bow tie possible. “My favorite setting for an oval stone is on a knife edge band, which perfectly combines classic and modern details.”

Lizzie Mandler Signature Knife Edge Solitaire in 18K Yellow Gold, with a 1.86ct White Diamond

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Courtesy of Rachel Boston

Unusual Diamonds

“People are moving away from classic round, white diamonds,” says Boston. “We have many brides requesting unique cuts, such as shields or trillions, as well as imperfect stones, which instantly make a classic design feel a bit different.” The swirls and inclusions in this gray diamond ensure your engagement ring will be totally one-of-a-kind.

Rachel Boston Bespoke Ring in Platinum, with a Gray Diamond

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Courtesy of Rachel Boston

Multi-Stone Rings

“Side stones are having a real moment,” Boston says. “We use a lot of triangle and baguette cuts to create Art Deco silhouettes, and have been updating the setting with our signature knife edge band.” Stacking three-or even five!-stones side-by-side gives an engagement ring serious stature.

Rachel Boston Bespoke Art Deco Engagement Ring in Yellow Gold, with an Emerald-Cut Diamond, Baguettes, and Trillions

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Courtesy of Selin Kent

Non-Diamond Center Stones

Yes, it's still an engagement ring, even without a diamond. “A recent bride-to-be fell in love with the teal green color of tourmaline, loving both the unique color and irregular shape,” says Kent. “She loved that no one else would have a ring like hers!” Whether it's tourmaline, sapphire, ruby, emerald, or any other stone that tickles your fancy, it can absolutely be the star of your engagement ring!

Selin Kent Asymmetrical Tourmaline Ring in 18k Rose Gold, with a 3.5ct Tourmaline

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Two-Stone Rings

An engagement ring with two stones is twice as nice! "We have seen an increased interest in our DuГ©t Pear and Highland rings," says Katherine Kim, owner of KATKIM Fine Jewelry. "The styles are unexpected, but still have timeless appeal." Couples looking for an unconventional style will love the length and eye-catching shape created with the use of two focal stones.

DuГ©t Pear PavГ© Ring with Two 6x4mm Pear Cut Diamonds

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