This Is Us 's Mandy Moore Wants Her Wedding to Be an Intimate Affair

This Is Us 's Mandy Moore Wants Her Wedding to Be an Intimate Affair

Mandy Moore's character in This Is Us may be familiar with tragedy, but thankfully her life off screen is far more joyful. The 34-year-old is currently engaged to Dawes front man, Taylor Goldsmith, whom she met over two years ago. And while most celebrities tend to go all-out for their weddings, Moore has chosen to go the opposite route.

In a new interview with Us Weekly, the singer turned actress revealed that she wants her wedding to be small because it's her "second go-round." She was previously married to the musician Ryan Adams from 2009 to 2015. This isn't the first time that Moore has hinted at a more intimate affair. "We are both pretty quiet, private people," she told People last year. "I never imagined myself with some beautiful dress in front of 300 people. It will be quiet and private-just for us." Moore also reiterated her desire for a small wedding in a 2017 interview with InStyle. "I don't think I'm going to have a big old affair," she said at the time. "So I think it will be small and quiet and private."

And, despite being engaged for over a year, Moore admitted to Us Weekly that she still hasn't begun planning her wedding. "I haven't started yet!” she said in July. But no matter what she decides, it sounds like Goldsmith will be with her every step of the way. When asked what she loves most about her fiancé, Moore couldn't help but gush. "There are so many things," she said. "I think he is the most refreshingly kind, honest, and soulfully good person I've ever met." As for how they find time to be together despite their busy schedules, Moore said it all comes down to prioritizing what's important. "I think with anybody-you make what's important in your life a priority,” she added. “And you find time for it.”

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