We Have a A Lot of International Guests, Should We Set Up a Separate Registry?

We Have a A Lot of International Guests, Should We Set Up a Separate Registry?

Wedding registries make it easy for guests to shop for gifts, making sure they'll pick something you'll love. But while websites and brick-and-mortar stores are convenient for guests who live in the U.S., it can be a challenge for international guests. Should you set up an additional registry that will be easier for international guests to access? Here's what our experts have to say.

The great thing about most registries these days is that they're accessible 100% online - meaning not only can you put the entire registry together without stepping into a store, your guests can do all their shopping from home, too! So even if your guests live abroad, they should be able to shop from your registry with no problem. If you're concerned about a language barrier between your registry and your guests, ask a family member to serve as translator and help your guests navigate the process. This is also helpful if you've set up a honeymoon or other cash fund, as these are definitely more popular in the U.S. than abroad. Your family can help explain the concept, as well as either walk your guests through the process or facilitate sending another gift or a check, instead.

Another perk to using the same registry, no matter where your guests are from, is shipping. Sure, selecting gifts from an international website may make it easier for your guests, but if you live in the States, they'll be stuck paying hefty international shipping fees to get the gift to you, whereas purchasing something from a U.S.-based registry site, even if they live abroad, means the gift will come from a warehouse in the States. No airmail involved!

To make sure your registry is available in multiple languages, check out Zankyou. It's an international registry available in nine languages where you can register for just about anything, from a honeymoon fund to new dishes to charitable donations.

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