The Ultimate Guide to Using Nipple Clamps

The Ultimate Guide to Using Nipple Clamps

We need to liberate the nipple and give it space to reign in the sexual sphere. Enter nipple clamps: The kinky sex toy you've been wanting to try but didn't know where to begin.

The nipples are one of the main sexual centers. Their nerve endings tie into the vulvar-vaginal network through nerve pathways that connect the body and brain. Some women can even have orgasms through nipple stimulation alone!

Nipple clamps do three main things: Offer up a kinky twist on sexual play, intensify sensation while wearing them, and increase sensitivity of the nipple once removed-they're a treat start to finish. Clamps are fun and sexy way to take your sex toy game to the next level.

So how do they work? Nipple clamps increase nipple arousal by restricting blood flow to the nipple, while perking up the nerve-rich tissue. They won't be for everyone, but if your nipples are an area where you receive sexual pleasure, they may be worth exploring.

Here is what you need to know.

Choose some clamps

While there are many kinds of nipple clamps, the two main types are tassels and clothespin clamps.

Tassels work by slipping the top loop over the nipple and tightening with a movable clasp on the bottom. Clothespin clamps are pretty much what they sound like: You simply squeeze them open and place them on the nipples.

Choose a kind that appeals to you. For more on the types of nipple clamps you can try, check this out .

Try them first, but not on the nipple

The first thing to do with nipple clamps is to test them out… just maybe not on your (highly sensitive) nips first. Try pinching the pad of your pinky finger or the earlobe as a way of deciding if the clamps have enough bite.

Arouse the nipple

When the nipple is flat and not erect, it's more difficult to attach a nipple clamp (and could even be painful). Start by getting the nipple erect with a tongue or fingers. When it's pointed and hard, the nip is good to go.

Pay attention to your body

You want to achieve a sensation that feels good to you; This will mean different things for different people. Some will want their nipples to hurt and others will just want to increase feeling in the nerve endings. You may feel anything from delight to a throbbing sensation (which can be delightful), to pain (which can be delightful, too, actually).

Whatever it is, you need to listen to your body and communicate with your partner. If the nipple clamp isn't tight enough, is too tight, or is just right; let your partner know. If it isn't working for you, stop what you're doing and reassess.

Don't keep them on too long

Often during sexual play we get so wrapped up in how good things feel that we forget to take precautions. This is especially true for kinkier, riskier acts and toys. Nipple clamps should only be worn for 10 minutes at time.

Again, pay attention to your body. If your nipples are hurting (and not in a good way), remove the clamps. If they start turning blue or are numb, take the clamps off!

Once removed, we suggest gently licking or sucking the nipples. Sensitivity can be electrified once the clamps are taken off.

What to buy

If you're wondering what to buy because this guide has you READY to ROCK, we have some choice recommendations for you.

For clothespin clamps, we love the Bondage Boutique clamps from Lovehoney.

If tassels are more your style, check out these Bad Kitty butterfly clamps and these sex-kitten approved clamps from Pleasure Chest.

Remember: Be safe. Listen to your body. Communicate. Have fun.

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