Do We Have to Have a Hashtag for Our Wedding?

Do We Have to Have a Hashtag for Our Wedding?

Whether you want to admit it or not, there's a pretty good chance pictures of your wedding will end up on social media. Sure, you can ask guests to put the phones and cameras away during your ceremony, but once the party starts, you can't really keep them from taking pictures of one another in formalwear - or of your gorgeous decorations! So the question is, with all this coverage that's happening no matter what, do you have to have a wedding hashtag? Our experts weigh in.

Even if you're not the most social media-savvy person, there's no denying the appeal of a wedding hashtag. "Using hashtags on social media has become ingrained in the way we socialize," says wedding industry expert Melissa Fancy. "And since it's part of your everyday life, you should embrace it at your wedding. It's a great way for you and your guests to interact with each other before, during, and after your wedding." Whether it's the pictures you post from your cake tasting or your guests' early-morning coffee run on the way to the airport, a hashtag is what will keep all of those little moments together, organized, and totally accessible. Another benefit? It's a great way to personalize your wedding even more. "Include your hashtag on the save the date and your wedding website, and print out a few signs to display throughout your reception," Fancy explains.

Whether the two of you will personally use the hashtag or not, it's something you'll want to create yourselves instead of letting guests create a hashtag of their own as your wedding approaches: You'll have control over what the hashtag says, and spreading the word yourselves will make sure all your guests are using the same one. "I always suggest keeping the hashtag simple. Use words people are familiar with and can easily spell - and make sure it makes sense to your guests!" Fancy advises. She recommends staying away from extra words, inside jokes, or anything that's really hard to spell ("You'd be surprised how many people can't spell 'nuptials'!" she reveals). Instead, something straightforward, easy to remember, and quick to pull up will help your guests post quickly and get back to the party!

Another perk of the hashtag is having access to behind-the-scenes shots and insider details from vendors. "Make sure your photographer and videographer have your hashtag and your handles so they can include you in any sneak peeks," says Fancy. "Guests will be able to see their posts, too, which will help build the excitement and give extra recognition to the role your vendors play in your big day."