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Oh Heel No! 6 Reasons to Consider Wearing Flats for Your Wedding

Oh Heel No! 6 Reasons to Consider Wearing Flats for Your Wedding

If you're like us, you love a sexy stiletto as much as the next girl. But when it comes to your wedding day shoes, rocking a super high heel may not be in the cards. For both practical purposes and personal preferences, here are 6 reasons you may want to fall back on flats for your wedding after all.

1. Your feet will do a little happy dance

And you'll actually be able to dance without having to kick your heels off just to get some relief. A lot of brides don't realize exactly how long they'll be on their feet (um, all day!) because it's not simply for the ceremony and reception but the entire time beforehand too. Our suggestion? If you care about comfort, do your feet a favor and stick to fancy flats so you're not that bride who complains about how bad her feet are killing her the whole night. Annoying!

2. You're less likely to trip

As every girl knows, heels can be hard to walk in, especially when you're rocking a long gown and strutting down an aisle in front of a huge audience. Just think about how many actresses trip (ahem, Jennifer Lawrence) on the red carpet! The last thing you need on your wedding day is an ankle sprain. So avoid the embarrassment (and scars) of falling flat on your face by sporting flats.

3. Your hubby will look taller

If you and your fianc–ď© are similar heights and you don't want to totally tower over him in wedding pics or he's self-conscious about it, then flats may be the perfect fit for you. It'll give your boo a little ego boost to look all tall and manly standing next to you. Definitely talk it over with him first and see if it's even an issue. Believe it or not, some guys are really weird about height so it's important to be sensitive to this.

4. The terrain isn't exactly heel-friendly

If you're getting hitched on the beach or anywhere outdoors really, heels may not be the most practical choice for the terrain. For instance, stilettos will quickly sink into sand and trip you up stat, whereas heel protectors are a must if you're saying, "I do" in the grass. And sadly they're not exactly attractive, nor are they 100% guaranteed to work as advertised.

5. You'd really want to wear your wedding shoes again

Those fancy high heels you bought specifically for the wedding? Chances are, you'll never actually wear them again. Blinged out flats, on the other hand, are a great way to dress up even the most casual outfit without sacrificing comfort for style. Pick a pair that you'd wear for the wedding and beyond.

6. You never wear heels in real life

If you're not sporting high heels on the reg in real life, there's no reason to try out a foreign style on your big day just to be "fashionable". Stay true to your style instead and stick to what works best for you and what you're most comfortable in. Otherwise you're going to look super awkward trying to figure out how to walk in heels for the first time.