The Ultimate Pre-Baby Bucket List, According to Real Moms

The Ultimate Pre-Baby Bucket List, According to Real Moms

There's a lot to do before your baby comes. But these 10 moms want you to work in a few more things for your own sanity and happiness. Here, they say, are the things that must make it onto your bucket list before you bring your bundle of joy home.

1. Wear a sexy dress and heels.

"So many times our bodies change and we just don't look the same. Enjoy your pre-baby body and really learn to love who you are post baby as well." -Stacy

2. Connect with other new moms.

"The first few weeks is a whirlwind, and having a support group of other new moms can make a huge difference during that time. Connecting with other pregnant women before the baby comes can help you establish a new mom group you can rely on once the baby arrives." -Cara

3. Paint your own nails.

"You'll never touch something more than your newborn or chase something more than your toddler. By then, two coats of color and a top coat will seem an impossible feat." -Lisa

4. Go to a fancy restaurant.

"Go to a restaurant you've only read about. Most frown upon munchkin guests and, even if they don't, think of this as your last opportunity for awhile to indulge in a three-hour meal without interruption or worry." -Tanya

5. Take a girlfriend getaway.

"An overnight or weekend away with your girlfriends should top your list. That's not to say the opportunity won't present itself again, but don't count on it anytime soon after having a baby." -Robyn

6. Hire a personal trainer.

"Hire a personal trainer to show you amazing at-home workouts. Going to the gym becomes a fantasy after you have a baby - I know because I tried everything, even walking on the gym track with my son in a Baby Bjorn. And if I'm totally honest, I also tried the stationary bike with the Baby Bjorn, and it didn't work." -Julie

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7. Stay in bed all morning.

"Spend a weekend morning being unapologetically lazy. Read a book, binge watch a show, leaf through a celebrity gossip rag. Pretty soon your baby will be your alarm clock, and they don't come with a snooze button!" -Rachel

8. Buy that purse you've been eying.

"Buy that purse - or pair of shoes, piece of jewelry, or another wish list item - you always dreamed of, if you can afford it. Now all my money goes to the baby, so buying my dream bag is truly a dream. Plus, not all husbands or significant others think to buy push presents. Treat yourself so you're not disappointed." -Melissa

9. Focus on your relationship.

"Once the baby arrives, your lives will change dramatically. Your relationship needs to be as strong as possible. With a new baby comes sleep deprivation, hormonal swings, and a whole host of other relationship-challenging surprises. Make sure you know what you each need in the relationship, as well as co-parenting support, roles, and expectations with one another." -Roo

10. Have a dance party.

"Either at your home or at one of your friends' houses, let loose, relieve your stress to your favorite cheesy music, and enjoy your body in a judgment-free zone. I think it's important to be reminded of your fun, young self and be a kid for a moment. You'll look back fondly at this, I promise. " -Erin