Cute Ways to Keep Your Guests Comfortable on Your Wedding Day

Cute Ways to Keep Your Guests Comfortable on Your Wedding Day

Whether your garden ceremony is too sunny or a guest is feeling a draft during your reception, it's nearly impossible to make everyone perfectly happy at your wedding. But, depending on your plans, it is easy to anticipate the items your friends and family might need to feel most comfortable. To help make you the best hosts ever, here are a few ways to keep your guests cozy throughout your ceremony and reception.


A basket of wraps will go a long way towards keeping your guests comfortable during your fall or winter wedding. Purchase a bunch in a color that fits your wedding aesthetic and tie them up with a pretty tag and twine, like the option seen above. Or upgrade to a more luxurious pick and place one on every guest's chair for an instant favor.

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Avoiding sun glare during your outdoor ceremony in easier said than done. Even if you establish which way the sun shines at the time of day during your wedding, odds are someone will always be catching more rays than they'd like to. Solve the problem entirely by handing out cute sunglasses before your nuptials start; we like the idea of including it in a little program bag that has all the details of your big day, a fun pair of shades, and a disposable camera for candid guest shots.

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Hot Beverages

We love a good fall wedding, but tying the knot under that gorgeous foliage means your guests will be exposed to less-than-ideal temps for at least half an hour (if you are the most prompt bride ever). Warm them up by offering a hot beverage station with seasonal picks, like hot apple cider. Want to make them even happier? A boozy version is sure to keep your friends and family nice and toasty.

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No matter how much notice you give your guests that your ceremony will take place on a sandy beach, you're still bound to have friends and family that show up wearing sky-high heels. Have a "shoe-check" where guests can swap stilettos for sandals! After all, no one wants to ruin their shoes or walk around with sand in their socks for the rest of the evening.

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Outdoor nuptials are unpredictable so it's smart to have a plan in place for any form of inclement weather before the big day. This couple stocked up on pretty white umbrellas in the event of drizzly skies or tons of sun. Either way, you'll know you have a cohesive look in your photographs if the big day doesn't go exactly the way you dreamed.