Insane Bridezilla Moments These Real Bridesmaids Lived Through

Insane Bridezilla Moments These Real Bridesmaids Lived Through

The harsh reality is that "Bridezilla" is not just a television show. Many times, brides-to-be can get overwhelmed with stress or emotion and act just a little (or a whole lot) ridiculous. Don't just take our word for it, check out these actual, first-hand accounts of real-life "Bridezilla" moments; you can't make this up.

"I would write on social media that I wanted to look good for my brother's wedding, and then one day I got a call from my mom telling me to stop because my brother's fiancГ© felt that I was trying to out-do her. Uh, what?? I was shocked-I wanted to look good in pictures for them and to feel good when I saw the photos because I knew they would be everywhere. I wasn't allowed to talk about losing weight until after the wedding anymore." -L.

"My friend who I was friends with since 4th grade was getting married when I was 23. She had two 15-year-old bridesmaids and one other friend my age in her bridal party. So, it was only the two of us throwing her a bridal shower, her family didn't help and neither did he. We worked our butts off and it was really beautiful and personal, and we also went to every fitting. We did everything she asked! On the day of the wedding, we also did everything to help. Come to the reception, we cut loose and hung out with our dates and other friends and had an amazing time. After the wedding, she changed. She told us we did absolutely nothing for her and we were the worst bridesmaids ever. We were so hurt, and eventually stopped talking." -A.

"One of my friends was getting married, and I was a bridesmaid. She was totally fine throughout the wedding planning and all the events leading up to the wedding day, but that morning she was awful. She was snippy, moody, and tearful for no reason. She wasn't nice to the hairstylist even though her hair was beautiful, and she was rude to her mom. We knew every bride can get overwhelmed and be emotional, but eventually, we thought maybe she was just hangry. We gave her a bagel and fruit, and a mimosa or two, and everything got better soon after. " -E.

"I didn't witness this first hand, but I was listening to the radio just last week and heard someone call in who had to back out of being a bridesmaid in her friend's wedding because of a ridiculous demand. The bride-to-be actually asked her to dye her hair brunette to match everyone for a more uniform look. I can't imagine in what world that is a reasonable request!" -K.

"I was a bridesmaid in a wedding, and we all worked really hard to put together the shower for our friend. In the middle of the shower, we caught her crying to her mom that it's not at all what she wanted or how she thought it would be." -A.

"Our friends had a cigar bar at their wedding, which was awesome, and they got cigars from all different places. When it came time for everyone to go outside and enjoy, we all realized there was no cigar cutter. The bride freaked out and was yelling at the guy in charge, and it was really awkward. It turned out it was her fault, she later admitted, she hadn't brought one in the first place." -C.