BRIDES Southern California: The Best Wedding DJs in Los Angeles

BRIDES Southern California: The Best Wedding DJs in Los Angeles

When you ask a friend or family member what they thought about your wedding, you want them to gush, "Oh my gosh, we had the best time, it was so much fun!" Well, the easiest way to guarantee the compliments keep coming well after your big day is to hire the perfect DJ. This is the person who sets the pace, tone, and vibe of your night so it's definitely worth doing a little extra leg work to find your perfect mood maker. Here are our picks for some fab and funky LA-area spinners.

DJ Tessa

This woman is the founder of an all-female DJ collective called Prism DJs and in the last five years, she herself has played host at over 70 weddings (as well as regular gigs at hip hotels and bars). When working with a couple she really takes the time to figure out the vibe, the ceremony order, and (very importantly) also gets a "do not play" list from them. Finally, if you really want to add an extra element of cool to your dance floor, DJ Tessa sometimes works with a saxophonist called Jesse Molloy, who plays at the same time as her set. "It adds a really hip element and is totally not Kenny G," she laughs.

Elegant Event Entertainment

These guys have been around since 2007 and co-founder Chris Mortillaro says that seeing the expressions on the bride and groom when they're in the middle of a packed dance floor is still a priceless experience for him. Their website is a breeze to use and has a section where you can scroll through and choose your music. A few weeks before your big day, they'll also do a face-to-face meeting to guarantee all your favorites get played, as well as suggesting other songs that will work seamlessly with your choices.

The Flashdance

If you want a DJ mix that is packed with indie-tunes as well as old favorites then go to these guys! Part of their manifesto is to never "tell corny jokes on the mic or play trance at your wedding," and we appreciate the humor. They show up with old school vinyl as well as all the new bells and whistles. Also, if you're stuck for a few other vendors, as a side gig, owner Michael Antonia created a business called YEAH! Weddings that offers complete packages with music, video, photos, and even a "smiling booth" for guests.

Scratch Weddings

With an impressive roster of super successful DJ's, Scratch Weddings will have someone who can pull off your big day whether you want a big band or hip-hop thanks to what they call "DJ tasting". Here, they'll send you videos and bios of any DJ that seems of interest until you narrow it down to one. They're also great at helping you pick different tunes for different parts of your big day (cocktails, walking into the reception and most importantly, the end-of-eve dance party).


Don't let the name fool you, these guys are west coast all the way! Owner Danny Farrell got his start in NYC (hence the name) but has been out in LA for the last 10 years. With many different tiers of wedding entertainment to choose from, there should be something for every budget, though Danny has some seriously cool bells and whistles the higher up you go. Our fave? The option to have guests text in musical requests via their smartphones during the reception. Genius!