The Absolute Worst Wedding Gifts You Could Get a Bride

The Absolute Worst Wedding Gifts You Could Get a Bride

A wedding is never about the gifts. But they are a nice bonus, right? Except when you receive something that you really, really don't want. It might be hard to imagine an unwelcome gift but, trust us, they exist. To prove it, we asked seven wedding pros for their thoughts on gifts that are subpar, inappropriate, or just plain bad.

"The absolute worst gifts to get a couple include anything they are not registered for from a store they are registered at. If they wanted it, it would be on the registry in the first place. Plus, I have heard so many guests say that there is nothing on the registry that they want to buy… and it's not about them!" -Danielle Rothweiler, Rothweiler Event Design

"No matter how convincing the idea can be, bulky home decor items that aren't included in the couples' registry may be more for you than for them. When they included you in their circle of friends and family they wanted to share their special day with, they also delivered a carefully curated map in the form of a registry. It's best to follow that, rather than go too far off the beaten gift path." -Marc Wilson, Weddings by MWD Lifestyles

"The number one gift none of my couples want to receive is any wrapped gift that is brought to the wedding reception. It seems like some guest always struts in proudly bearing a wrapped box the size and weight of a Kitchen Aid mixer, which is a nice gift, but how are couples supposed to get it home? If you must bring your gift to the reception, then give cash or a gift card." -Stephanie Aspinwall, Pretty Entertaining

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"Anything with a picture of the couple. The couple obviously would want to choose their own picture." *-Jessica Janik, The Invisible Bridesmaid

"As popular as monogrammed gifts may be, it is important to find out what monogram the bride will be taking before committing to one. Some brides like to keep their middle name the same while others will use their maiden name instead. No bride wants to start off her marriage with the wrong monogram!" *-Sheila Weiner, The Event Group

"While gifting pieces of art can initially seem like a good wedding gift idea, especially if the couple is just moving in together or recently bought a house, it isn't the best idea. Since people have different tastes in art and what they like, it could turn out to be a waste of money if one or both of the newlyweds aren't a fan of the piece of art you selected. Also, kinky gifts, which can range from lingerie to books or sex toys to spice up the bedroom. They are far more appropriate if given at a bridal shower." *-Aviva Samuels, Kiss the Planner

"Experiential gifts. Experiences are wonderful, but they are also temporary, and when it comes to wedding gifts, I think the permanence of a gift that the couple can incorporate into their life together is truly special. The heart of wedding gifts should be something meaningful to the couple that will last them a lifetime and be a part of their daily lives together as well as memories they create with family and friends in the future." -Jung Lee, FГЄte