Exclusive: Go Inside Lance Bass and Michael Turchin's Relationship Before They Tie the Knot Tomorrow

Exclusive: Go Inside Lance Bass and Michael Turchin's Relationship Before They Tie the Knot Tomorrow

Former 'NSYNC member Lance Bass is marrying his fiancГ© Michael Turchin on December 20 after not one, but two proposals! A 90-minute televised E! special dubbed Lance Loves Michael: The Lance Bass Wedding* will air on February 5 at 8:00pm ET/PT, but until then, Lance is giving us the inside scoop on his relationship, the big day, and what's in store for the couple's future!*

Michael and I met in Palm Springs almost four years ago at a birthday party, which was strange because we have the exact same friend group but didn't know each other. Right away, I knew I wanted to get to know him. I was very attracted to him and I thought he was sweet, but I just wasn't sure how interested he was in me. It was a situation where I knew right away that I wanted to be friends with him, but I had no idea it would lead to a romantic relationship.

We lead a pretty low-key life. For date nights, we love to just relax with friends, invite people over, and cook a great dinner. But we also love quiet time together watching TV. Seriously, every night we watch TV in pajamas or onsies. Right now we're binge watching Homeland, but we love everything on Netflix, Scandal, and, of course, trashy reality TV on Bravo.

We have a really fun, lighthearted relationship, which I think is key to what makes us work. We're both homebodies, but we like to go out on little adventures. I love to scare Michael. You're probably seen some of my pranks on Instagram, but it's just something that we enjoy doing.

But what I really love most about Michael is how much love he gives to my friends, my family, and even my dogs. I've always believed you can tell a lot about a person by how they treat your family and your pets, and he's so in love with them all, and they all love him. That's how I knew he had the best heart ever.

The first time I proposed to Michael (yes, I did it twice!) it was pretty spur of the moment. We were out to lunch with friends in New Orleans and I looked across the table at him and just knew that I wanted today to be the day.

I ran out and got a ring without him noticing and that night I got down on one knee in the dark in one of my favorite places in Jackson Square. (It was a little awkward because some fans were trying to take photos with me!)

Then, in August, we were in South Africa and I wanted to do something really romantic since we weren't sure if we'd have time for a real honeymoon after the wedding. I got him the ring I had always planned to propose with and asked again. I knew he wanted us both to have matching engagement rings, so I gave him one during our second proposal from David Yurman.

Being engaged has been the best time of our lives. It elevates the relationship and people take it more seriously. Towards the end of the planning process, we were counting down the wedding day. Now we're just so happy to be getting married.