Congratulations to Tom Ford - He Got Married!

Congratulations to Tom Ford - He Got Married!

In what we can only imagine was the best-dressed wedding in history, designer Tom Ford married his partner of 27 years! Ford broke the news that he wed Richard Buckley during a conversation with British creative director Kinvara Balfour at the Regent Street Apple Store in London last night.

In his usual nonchalant manner, Ford waved his wedding ring before explaining his recent nuptials. "I lost so many friends in college - I would say more than half of my closest friends," he said. "Richard, my partner of 27 years, had also gone through something also quite tough in his life. We are now married which is nice. I know that was just made legal in the UK which is great; we were married in the States."

The former creative director of Gucci and YSL didn't divulge when or where they tied the knot, but we assume that the couple was dressed in immaculately-fitted suits from Ford's eponymous fashion label.

Ford and Buckley have a one-and-a-half-year-old son together, Alexander John Buckley Ford and live in London, where Ford's brand is based.

Several years ago, Ford described meeting his husband in the '80s. "I went to a fashion show and this silver-haired guy was staring at me with these piercing water-blue eyes," he told Women's Wear Daily. "It scared me because I absolutely saw and knew my entire future." At the time, Ford was a 25-year-old rising designer and Buckley, the former editor-in-chief of Vogue Hommes International, was 38.

As it turns out, Ford was right about his future.