Real Women Confess the Hottest Things They Did on Their Honeymoons

Real Women Confess the Hottest Things They Did on Their Honeymoons

If you're looking for inspiration for how to kick your honeymoon up a sexy notch, you've come to the right place. Here, three women reveal just what they did to keep their honeymoons almost too hot to touch. And you'll be surprised to see that their endeavors didn't always have to do with sex.

"Before we left, I bought a new piece of lingerie for every night we would be away. Every piece was different: I bought camisoles, baby dolls, and corsets, in black, red, purple, blue - everything! Then, each night we were on our honeymoon, I would slip into the bathroom and change into one of my new purchases. We still had spontaneous sex, of course, but knowing that we'd come back to the hotel and I would change into something super sexy each night, built up so much anticipation during the day. That anticipation was the hottest highlight of our trip." - Abby

"We took our honeymoon to Southeast Asia, and the sexiest thing we did was slow everything down. We took time to enjoy everything, from the food to the surroundings, to each other. We also let ourselves indulge in room service and take time to be with each other. We drank wine during the day and got up to see the sunrise. It's so easy to enjoy each other when you're not rushing somewhere." - Katie

"My husband and I splurged on a couple's massage by the pool of our resort. The massage was so relaxing, but it also turned us both on! When the massage therapists left the cabana for us to change back into our clothes, we couldn't keep our hands off each other. We got a little physical in the cabana - but we got worried we'd be walked in on. So we raced back to our hotel room and had the best sex of our honeymoon!" - Amanda