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5 Easy Ways to Pamper Yourself Before the Wedding

5 Easy Ways to Pamper Yourself Before the Wedding

With wedding stress looming, now's the time to pamper yourself more than ever. Yes, a spa day with your bridesmaids is grand, but consider these simple ways to treat yourself (and peel off stress and perk up in the process!).

1. Say yes to Epsom salts: True, you may associate Epsom salts with your grandmother's medicine cabinet, but they're also a best-kept beauty and wellness secret worthy of modern-day brides, too! Draw a hot bath and sprinkle in one cup of Epsom salts (which are inexpensive and available at most supermarkets), and get soaking. Not only will an Epsom-steeped bath help ease muscle aches and pains, but beauty experts tell us that it can also help reduce puffiness and bodily inflammation brought on by stress, a win-win for an overwhelmed bride.

2. Get juicing: If nutrition has fallen by the wayside during your mad-dash to the alter (hello soda for breakfast!), consider taking two or three days and loading up your body with fresh juice. Instead of coffee, soda, or other drinks, stop at your local juice bar or cafe and treat yourself to a spinach-apple-orange-carrot, and load up your body with energizing and healing, pre-wedding antioxidants. You'll feel better inside, and look better outside as a result.

__3. Put on your mask:__One of my favorite ways to feel like I've been to the spa and relax without paying a single dollar or leaving home is to pour a cup of herbal tea, slather on a mud mask (my favorite is Kiehl's Rare Earth), and zone out with a good book or magazine.

__4. Bat your eyelashes:__If you've considered getting false eyelashes, why not give it a go? They'll look great on your wedding day, and over the years, they've become less expensive to have done and more available at your favorite salon. Bonus: The half-hour to hour it takes to have them applied is a great time to close your eyes and sneak in a nap.

5. Invite the massage therapist over: In-home massage is not just for the Kardashians. In fact, do a search for local traveling massage therapists, and you'll find their rates comparable (and sometimes even more affordable) than those at your favorite spas. Best part: You can relax in your own home, and when the massage is over you can head straight to bed instead of tensing up again on the drive home.

-Sarah Jio


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