Meghan Markle Wore Earrings From Her Wedding To Baby Archie's Christening

Meghan Markle Wore Earrings From Her Wedding To Baby Archie's Christening

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry celebrated Baby Archie's christening during a small, private ceremony at Windsor Castle on Saturday. The event included lots of quiet nods to royal family history: Kate Middleton showed up in a pair of earrings that Princess Diana had worn in 1984, while Markle donned some sparkling studs that provided a special tribute to her wedding last year.

The $15,000 Galanterie de Cartier diamond and white gold earrings are the same ones that Markle wore with her elegant Givenchy wedding dress when she got married. Many people thought the jewelry was a sweet homage to that tied together two major events in her life: her marriage and the birth of her baby. For the christening, Markle paired the studs with a long-sleeved, cream-colored Dior gown and pillbox hat.


She and Prince Harry had signaled, through a statement from Buckingham Palace, that they wanted the christening to be intimate, and they shared that they would only release a few photos after the event concluded. On their Instagram account, they published a black-and-white family photo (where you can see Markle's earrings) and a portrait taken in the Green Drawing Room at Windsor Castle. Middleton is in that shot, wearing a pink Stella McCartney dress. Later, many people noticed that the Collingwood pearl and diamond earrings she had on were the exact ones that Princess Diana wore for Prince Harry's baptism in 1984-a nice way to recall her memory during the same event for Prince Harry's son.


Baby Archie also had a bit of tradition to add: His white christening dress, the Sussexes revealed in their Instagram post, was a newer version of the Royal Christening Robe commissioned by Queen Victoria in 1841. In 2004, the Queen commissioned the handmade replica that Baby Archie ended up wearing, adding a delicate piece of history to the event.

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