How to Serve Boxed Wine at Your Wedding (and Get Away With It!)

How to Serve Boxed Wine at Your Wedding (and Get Away With It!)

Can you serve boxed wine at your wedding? A few years ago we may have turned our noses up at that question too, but hear us out. Boxed wine is no longer the stuff of college frat parties and teenage rebellion. Today's boxed wine is fit to be drank. Just look at Black Box Wines, the number one boxed wine on the market with a portfolio that includes 10 quality wines like Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, and Pinot Noir. But there's more than just good taste to consider when it comes to your wedding reception bar. Think on these reasons too:

Figure Out Your Pours

A 3L box of Black Box wine serves 20 glasses. Compare that to a typical 750 mL bottle, which only serves five. Now consider your bar needs… As a conservative average, you should estimate about two to three glasses of wine per guest for a two hour reception. That means for a 150-person wedding, your bartenders will need to pour 450 glasses of wine. In bottles, that's 90 bottles for every two hours. You'd only need to buy a portion of that in boxed wine - 23 boxes to be exact.

Think of the Costs

You'll save a lot when it comes to boxed wine - not just in recycling and effort. On average, boxed wine brands, like Black Box, are around 40-percent less expensive than a comparable bottle, without sacrificing any of the quality or taste. And not only are boxed wines cheaper, but you're buying less of them than you would bottles. It's a win-win for your wedding budget.

Photo: Courtesy of Black Box Wines

Life Made Easy

Not only do boxed wines cost less, they're also easier to use. Say goodbye to corkscrews and broken corks. This is a service that just needs a little tapping into. If you're considering skipping bartenders altogether in favor of pitchers of cocktails and coolers of beer, this is the path for you. You can set up a wine station where guests can feel free to pour their own glass.

No Mess Stress

Unlike bottles, boxed wine can't be broken. So if a bartender drops one on the ground - an unlikely event given it can be stationary as they pour - you don't have to worry about your guests' silver dress shoes getting ruined by a Pinot Noir. Not only that, boxed wine uses less energy in production and transportation than your typical bottle, so if you and your groom are looking to be eco-friendly, it's the right choice to make.