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The 5 Worst Groomzilla Stories We've Ever Read

The 5 Worst Groomzilla Stories We've Ever Read

Usually the bride gets a bad rap as a bridezilla. But in these instances, it's clear the crazy culprit was the groom. You won't believe what these guests and wedding pros have witnessed men do before and even at their weddings.

"As a former wedding singer, I attended a lot of wedding receptions. But the craziest one had to be when the groom was hitting on me at the reception. He kept winding his way back to the bandstand to chat with me, touch my arm, and ask me to dance. It was beyond awkward." - Marilyn

"The groom called off the wedding a week before - via a phone call to his would-be bride. No sit down chat with her for him. Then, he had his mommy berate all the vendors and give every excuse under the sun why they shouldn't have to pay any of us. Because, you know, Charleston weddings are so not popular and we totally don't get booked a year in advance." - a wedding vendor in Charleston, S.C.

"I was the guest at a wedding a few years ago, in which the ceremony and reception were held at two different venues. The groom did not attend the wedding reception. Instead, he dropped off the bride at the hotel where the reception was being held and drove off. He let her attend the reception alone. She sat at the table alone. There was no first dance. I guess the groom told one of his family members that he didn't like what was being served at the reception, so he decided not to attend. It was very awkward, to say the least!" - Steffanie

"I was working on a very elaborate wedding with a huge installation on a private property. It took a crew of 15 people three days to install a 60-by-90-foot tent and all of the decor inside. But on the Friday before the Saturday wedding, the groom demanded that the tent we erected be taken down and moved 15 feet to the left so that he and his wedding guests to get a better view of his putting green. The crew worked overnight and the next day all of the guests enjoyed a fabulous view." - Lauren, a wedding planner

"The last wedding I attended had a total groomzilla. You could tell he was on edge the entire day, but he totally lost it during his best man's speech. He didn't like what the guy was saying - the best man was making some pretty tame jokes about the couple - so he grabbed the mic and proceeded to give his own spur-of-the-moment speech about how none of could possibly appreciate all the time and money that went into the wedding, and all of the people who were laughing inappropriately at the last toast while they were drinking booze he paid for could go to hell. True story." - Abigail