4 Ways to Celebrate Your First Wedding Anniversary Like a Celebrity

4 Ways to Celebrate Your First Wedding Anniversary Like a Celebrity

There is an entire list of traditional gifts you can give your spouse for your wedding anniversary, but why not celebrate the momentous occasion in a way that is as unique as you are as a couple? Whether you decide on a grandiose gesture or something a bit more private, here are four ideas for wedding anniversary celebrations with a little help from some of our favorite celebrities.

Throw a themed party with your closest friends and family.

Everyone loves a good party and if your wedding reception was even the least bit fun, we guarantee that all those in attendance will want to do it again - in a smaller capacity of course. Nothing says celebration like a theme, so pick something lively and easy to plan with your spouse and make dressing up for the moment mandatory. The guest list can be short comprised of your closest friends and family who you know will get into the mood. Mandy Moore did just that for her 5th wedding anniversary to Ryan Adams - they threw a '50s-prom themed bash with fun hats to top off their ensembles.

Go for bling.

Diamonds aren't just a girl's best friend - men happen to really love them too. Though a pretty penny has already been spent on your engagement ring and wedding bands, jewelry is always an amazing gift. For their first wedding anniversary, Chad Kroeger gifted Avril Lavigne with a 17-carat emerald cut stunner. No need to go that big the first time around, but if you can, show how much you care with a piece that sparkles just as much as your love. Your spouse will be able to wear it everywhere and remember you wherever he or she goes.

Bring the pampering into your home.

Anniversaries are personal, thus leaving the hustle and bustle of a public celebration behind is more than warranted. There are so many ways to keep the moment private, especially when you consider a bit of in-home pampering. Hiring a masseuse or chef for some quality time spent together is a great way to relax and unwind and begin your next year of marriage peacefully. Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson hired a chef for his and husband Justin Miskita's first anniversary - a delicious gift!

The sky is the limit.

Go above and beyond when it comes to celebrating your love! The sky is truly the limit and you can take it there with a hot air balloon ride or by taking a cue from Portia de Rossi who hired a skywriter to sprawl "Six" across the sky for her sixth wedding anniversary with Ellen DeGeneres.

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