Can We Just Decide That All Children Get a Kids' Meal at Our Wedding?

Can We Just Decide That All Children Get a Kids' Meal at Our Wedding?

While it's always nice to be able to offer your guests a choice of entrĐ“©es at your reception, finding out what they'd like to eat is an extra detail you need to keep track of as RSVPs roll in. Offering a kids' meal can complicate things even further: The option isn't usually included on RSVP cards, which means you'll need to get in touch with any guests with children directly to figure out whether their kids will want a children's or adult's meal. And then there's the cost! That filet is definitely pricier than chicken fingers, and it can be hard to accept that your cousin's seven-year-old will enjoy (or finish!) the fancier dish. So are brides and grooms allowed to decide all kids get the kids' meal, no matter what? Our experts weigh in.

Whether it's a matter of cost or merely simplicity, a couple can definitely decide that all kids get a kids' meal instead of serving them adult options. However, the detail you'll have to address is what makes someone qualify as a "kid." A safe bet is to say that any guests under age 12 receive kids' meals, while teens will get adult meals. Think of it as the wedding reception equivalent of sitting at the kids' table or the adult's table at Thanksgiving!

Do you have guests whose two children flank that age cut-off (say, an 11- and 14-year-old)? In this case, you may want to ask the parents. Let them know that you will be serving kids' meals to all guests under 12, and that you want to confirm if their older child would prefer a kids' meal as well.

You will also want to make sure you find out about any and all allergies the children at your wedding might have. While adults are well-versed in confirming whether a dish contains an ingredient they're allergic to, kids haven't had quite as much practice, and their parents will appreciate the extra precaution.