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How Exactly Do You Pee in a Wedding Dress?

How Exactly Do You Pee in a Wedding Dress?

Ah… the age old question of how to pee in a wedding dress. With so many layers of tulle, chiffon, and organza flowing around you (or tight-fitting lace!), it sounds impossible without completely taking off your dress. But between rows of buttons, finicky zippers, and those pesky eye hooks, that doesn't sound so easy, either. Is there a better way to use the restroom in your wedding dress? We have a few tips from the pros.

The best way to use the restroom in your wedding dress depends first and foremost on the style of your gown. For a modified a-line dress with a looser - but not poufy - skirt, you might be able to head to the ladies' room solo. Head into the handicap stall for maximum maneuverability, then (while you're still a good distance away from the toilet) lower your underwear. This is key: It will be much harder to do so once you've gathered up your skirt, so slowly waddle toward the toilet, then turn around. Gather your skirt, making sure to get all of the layers, and hold everything above your waist and out in front of you.

Got a few more layers or a fuller skirt, like a full a-line or a ballgown? If you're not shy, inviting a friend or your mom to help is your best bet. Have them help you lift and gather the layers in front of you and then, with your assistant holding your skirts, back up toward the toilet, lower your underwear, and take a seat. You could also bring in two assistants and have each wrangle one side of your dress so your hands are more free while you're peeing. Pro tip: Have the faucet running if you're experiencing performance anxiety! The bonus of having such a full skirt is that, while you'll be pretty close to your friend, she won't be able to see anything around all the tulle.

If you have a long train that you don't think you'll be able to gather up, try using the toilet backwards! Simply reach down, lift up your skirt from the front (try to grab the innermost layer of lining and use that to gather the outer layers), and approach the toilet facing the wall. By straddling the toilet this way, you'll keep your train free and clear without having to lift your entire dress. You could also have a bridesmaid come in with you to lift up your train, just in case.

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For more form-fitting dresses, during your final fitting, see if you can wiggle the fitted part of your dress up and over your hips, leaving you more mobility and less skirt to deal with. This is a good argument for leaving just a teensy bit of room in the hips - which will make sitting at dinner much easier, too!

And if all else fails, have whoever helped you put your dress on help you take it off in the restroom, then head into the stall in just your underwear before putting your dress back on. This is the most time-consuming option, so you'll want to time it so you're not missing anything major! Take time to use the restroom just before the ceremony, at the end of cocktail hour before you sit down for dinner, and after the toasts, both so you're gone at the least conspicuous moments and so whoever you've tapped to help you is still sober enough to keep your dress dry!