The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Rentals

The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Rentals

Creating an immersive and exciting experience for your guests at your wedding is all about the details. From the perfect chair to the exact shade of napkin, a textured charger to a beautiful collection of gathered objects arranged behind the bar, it's those little things that seem almost effortless that really get the message across and help transport you to another time and place. What do those finishing touches have in common? They're all wedding rentals.

Wedding rentals are so much more than tablecloths and silverware, and the options for what you can rent for your wedding day is limited only by your imagination. To guide us through the magical world of event design and the rentals that make these designs possible, we've spoken to Michael Baugh and Melony Sebastian of Pink Monkey Solutions, a Denver-based event design and production company known for its jaw-dropping installations and ability to get their hands on just about any dГ©cor item you could imagine.

"Once you've started the planning and design process, the first thing to do is figure out your vision and what you'd like to include, then begin your exploration from there," says Baugh. "We recommend our clients create a four-column chart to help get beyond the basics and really get creative. In the first column, list what you want to accomplish (for example, serve a sit-down plated dinner or showcase framed family photos). In the second, think about what you'll need to execute your idea. For a sit-down dinner, you'll need tables, chairs, linens, plates, and cutlery. For those photos? A table or some other sort of surface. Next, think about what you really want. Yes, you could use your venue's basic rentals or just put the photos on a pretty table, or you could swap those out for place settings with more personality or hang the photos on a gallery wall. In the final column, think about who you can call for the items you'll need. For those tables, you can talk to your wedding planner or work with a party rental supply company in your area. That gallery wall may require more work, so talk to your planner about a custom option."

Still not sure where to start? Turn to a pro. "Just as you wouldn't perform your own root canal, don't feel like you're on your own when it comes to the design of your wedding," says Sebastian. "There's a big difference between putting some things in a room and creating a cohesive, immersive environment where every detail is considered and measured." Instead, turn to Pink Monkey Solutions for Colorado-area weddings, or reach out to your region's specialty rental houses. "A good wedding planner will be able to connect you with someone who specializes in more than just the basics," Sebastian adds.

Now that you're ready to break down your wants and needs to help get out of the box, here are some of the fantastic items Pink Money Solutions provides, from the more traditional to the absolutely over-the-top.

Cushioned Wedding Reception Lounge Chairs

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Specialty Chairs and Tables

There's more to seating at your wedding than just a hotel's standard banquet chairs. Chivari chairs are a great introduction. "Chivari chairs are totally classic, and everyone loves them. If it's the chair for you, don't forget about all the options you still have, from gold or lucite to bamboo," says Baugh. For a more rustic wedding, the x-back chair is incredibly popular, and you can choose between multiple finishes and cushion colors. "Consider mixing and matching a ghost chair with black leather banquets for a modern wedding," Baugh suggests. "Or get even more bold and combine traditional seating and lounge seating around each table!"

The farm table is another great introduction to event rentals. The texture and heft of the table are a step up from banquet tables, and their style means you don't have to cover them with linens, giving you more flexibility with your design.

Rustic Aspen-Inspired Wedding Reception Bar

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Custom-Built Bars

"Just like chairs, you can definitely opt to dress up your hotel or standard party rental option, or you can look beyond and investigate custom-built or customizable bars," says Baugh. A round bar can easily be arranged in any room, and Pink Monkey's curved bar has front panels that can be customized with graphics to fit your theme, from a textured aspen bark image to modern linen fabric.

Edison Bulb Chandelier

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Specialty Lighting

From antler chandeliers and Edison bulbs to gobos and projections on the walls, light fixtures and more theatrical lighting options are one of those final touches that, while not necessary, can often be the finishing detail that brings it all together. Fill the dinner tent with clusters of crystal chandeliers or hang a statement-making wrought iron version over the dance floor.

Antler Wedding Reception Chandelier

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Unique Objects

Layering details and filling spaces helps bring home a design scheme. Marquee letters and spelling everything from LOVE to your new monogram are playful lighting sources that look great behind a bar. Tufted or leather lounge furniture can give your bar area a laid-back atmosphere or create a sultry late-night party. A set of antlers, clustered lanterns, the perfect mismatched candlesticks, or throw pillows in a playful fabric will help tie the design scheme together.

Wedding Ceremony Pool Aisle

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Interactive Items

"In addition to dГ©cor items, we also rent additional details and interactive items that help add to the festivities," says Sebastian. "We've provided confetti cannons, champagne bottles topped with sparklers, and lawn games like giant Jenga and customized cornhole sets." Interactive dГ©cor will really bring your celebration to life!

Midsummer Night Tree Wedding Decor

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Over-the-Top Rental Items

Looking to really build an experience from the ground up? Those fabulous designs you've seen are the works of Гјber-creative rental companies like Pink Monkey. "We've installed custom hardwood flooring, hung draped cabanas in the middle of ballrooms, turned a secluded corner into an old-west bar with split wood fencing and lanterns, and sent brides and grooms down the aisle over the center of swimming pools," Baugh describes. "One of our most immersive designs was for a Midsummer Night's Dream-themed event. We filled the room with neutral-hued lounge furniture, the centerpieces were full of lush greenery, and in the center of it all, a 35-foot faux redwood tree!"