10 Ways for the Foodie Bride to Propose to Her Bridesmaids

10 Ways for the Foodie Bride to Propose to Her Bridesmaids

If you and your bride squad have bonded over dinner at the hottest new restaurant, ventured out to try the latest dessert-hybrid craze, or simply love swapping recipes, then these edible bridesmaid proposals will totally get your pals excited to share in your big day.

Photo: Courtesy of The Baked Equation

If you want to go classic, try a cookie trio that says it all: Name, dress, and the big question. Oh, and customized in your wedding colors. Even though she's sure to say yes, these cookies might just be too pretty for her to eat. ($19 per set, The Baked Equation)

Photo: Courtesy of Cookie Do NYC

You and your best friends have shared a few spoonfuls of cookie dough while watching rom-coms and dreaming up your perfect guy. Well, you've nabbed him, so honor this delicious treat with a custom dough for each of your brides. Along with a sweet card, go the extra mile and add an "I" above the "do" on these pints to make it feel more wedding-centric. (starting at $14, Cookie Do NYC)

Photo: Courtesy of Speak Wines

Beautifully designed labels, with custom quotes, paired with every gal's second best friend (wine), makes this bottle the ideal way to ask your friend to be part of your wedding. Add a gift tag with a request to toast to your big day together. ($25 per bottle, Speak Wines)

Photo: Courtesy of Sugarfina

This candy bento box does all the asking for you. Adorably packed with a teasing sleeve, and "Will You Be My Bridesmaid?" labels, it's also filled with champagne gummy bears, Sugarfina Pearls, and Champagne Bubbles to sugar her up. *($26, Sugarfina) *

Photo: Courtesy of Baking for Good

Take an edible trip down memory lane. Choose a few of your favorite Instagrams with the two of you, and plaster them on to these sugar cookies. Along with a note about how much her friendship means to her, she'll never be able to say no. ($40 per dozen, Baking for Good)

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Photo: Courtesy of Petite25 via Etsy

This one might not be edible, but if you two have shared late nights over plates of Chinese food and giggled over your fortunes, it's the perfect maid-proposal. Each felt fortune cookie comes with a question, and a future of standing by your side at the altar. ($28 for five, Etsy)

Photo: Courtesy of Yummy Cupcakes

Tag this one with a simple note: "There will be cake!" A cupcake in a jar is a sweet way to share a bite of cake before the big day. And ask each of your bridesmaids for a favorite flavor - suggestions for you and your groom when it's time to taste test wedding cakes! ($26 for four, Yummy Cupcakes)

Photo: Courtesy of Dana's Bakery

A classic dessert gets a celebratory makeover: These champagne-flavored macarons are a beautiful way for her to celebrate being part of the best day of your life. ($33, Dana's Bakery)

Photo: Courtesy of My M&Ms

Customize M&Ms in your wedding colors, with some bridal imagery and, of course, the question. Separating the words over a few different M&Ms will make finding the question even more fun - and tasty! (starting at $1.80, My M&Ms)

Photo: Lovable Gifts Shop via Etsy

Coffee lover? This is the gift that keeps on giving. A personalized travel mug will enhance her daily Starbucks fix, and remind her of all the fun in store at your wedding. ($11.50 each, Etsy)